What a week full of mountains and meditations can do

The peace and happiness one derives is unfathomable

©Neeraj Verma/Neha Srivastava

Being born in India introduced me to spiritual and religious practices as a very young kid, all of three or four years. My mother’s spiritual bent and the ashram of saints next door were extremely instrumental as well.

I have, since childhood, had a deep affinity for my “Ishta Dev — one I worship with all my heart” Lord Shiva. HE is as loving and giving as powerful and destructive.

I established a very strong connect with Lord Shiva as a child and it only grew over the years. Until recently when I was diverted, by HIM, towards Pranic Healing ® and Arhatic ® Yoga practices of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

The meditations that I have till now learned in the courses have had a very deep impact — spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and to an extent financially as well.

Practicing the meditations is not just a chore, it is slowly becoming a need. The mind craves those minutes, sometimes extending into hours of meditative practices. However, it is of note, that the initial meditations are only for about 20 minutes. It is only once you achieve a certain level in your meditation practices that the time you spend meditating increases.

The spiritual experiences achieved through these practices are phenomenal. Apart from the mental peace and happy glow on the face, one develops the ability to take challenges head on with a calm and clear mind, thus, being more effective. The magical aspects of the inner world are an added bonus.

One important part of the entire meditation practice is the exercises — both, physical and breathing. These exercises are extremely crucial to attain great results in meditation and spiritual upliftment.

Week at the Arhatic ® Yoga Ashram

As such the stay was around three days or a bit more and the rest of the time we spent traveling to and from the Ashram.

The Ashram is located in the scenic mountains of Pune in Maharashtra, India.

©Neeraj Verma/Neha Srivastava

We were a group of about 34 Arhatic ® Yogis who went for this spiritually uplifting sojourn.

In three days we experienced a vast variety of flora, fauna and weather. From a sunny afternoon to extreme rain and fog filled evening to cold night, everything is was available at one place. The weather, of course, is best described as unpredictable.

The energy at the Ashram was magical and immense and was perceptibly felt by each one of us.

The meditations done in the serene surroundings in the lap of mountains have helped in more ways than one —

  1. My mind now craves meditations more than it did when I went.
  2. Any feelings of anxiety have almost disappeared, despite so many challenging situations facing me still.
  3. The sleep is more peaceful and I need less sleep at night than before.
  4. I believe more in the healing power of nature, body’s self healing ability and the healing practices I have learned as part of Master Choa’s Pranic Healing® courses.
  5. I believe more in the existence of the Supreme Being and will always and forever be indebted to HIM for the beautiful gift of life.

Every one of us 34 participants in the trip had our own personal spiritual experiences and the trip has only strengthened our quest for spiritual growth. Each one of us realizes how important it is to stay connected within to do well in the outer world as well.