What do you stand for? Who are you?

What makes you tick? What drives you?

All magical questions. As I was developing my seminar last month, called PRO DAY, I had a revelation.

We often forget “why” we do what we do. Most of us also have an innate curiosity around the thought, “What am I here for?”

How much time to we put into finding this answer? For most it is a lifetime. The reality is, the sooner you figure it out, the more you will have to give and the more secure you will feel.

We get a certain amount of time available to us here on this planet, what should we be doing with it?

For some, they attack everyday, convicted, focused, disciplined and driven. They are working for something. They are motivated to “do” something and “become” something.

So, as I was developing my personal development program, I couldn’t help but ask myself, “What are you here for DANA?”

Instead of creating a long, drawn out answer, I forced myself to condense down to 2-Words.

I had just finished the book the 1-Thing, but knew one word would be impossible for an analytical thinker like myself.

Now, what is the point of this? The point is, when you are stressed, overworked, hustling and self reflecting, these 2 words act a “check-in” and a reminder for you.

The “check-in” part is about asking the questions, “Is what I am doing helping me or hurting me? Is how I am thinking in line with my 2-words? and am I aligned with my 2-words right now or just doing for the sake of doing?”

So I know you are dying to know my 2-words. This I will share with you now: CONTRIBUTION & INFLUENCE.

These are not just words I randomly selected. They came to me through my years of studying my thoughts, behaviors, passions, likes, dislikes & tendencies.

Now everything I choose to focus on is about these words. The great part about my 2-words is they are more externally focused words.

This means I spend most of my day providing for others. Content, videos, writing, speaking, presenting, doing tv-shows, podcasts, etc. All with the intent of providing a strong message, based on my 2-words, Contribution & Influence.

When I was not focused on doing this, I had the feeling that something was missing. I wasn’t living “right”. I was not doing what I was called to do. That all changed when I discovered my words.

Everybody can come up with 2-words that define their internal drive and why they do what they do. If you can not think of any right now, just study your behaviors, likes, dislikes and habits/tendencies. You will soon discover what drives you. The key to this exercise is, once you find your drivers, make sure your life is working in that light.

For example, if you select the words “STRENGTH” & “IMPACT” (these are just simple examples), yet you are working in a setting that is not empowering, you are soft and 20lbs over weight, around people that bring you down and are doing “busy” work for somebody who has core values that are demonstrative of poor character, you need to make a change. You can’t possibly be happy everyday or STRONG & IMPACTFUL with those variables.

You see, once you have your words, your actions will then start to match your words. Words are powerful. Words are strength. Words can help you find alignment. They can hurt people as well as empower them. You choose. Come up with 2-words that make you who you are. #likeapro


Originally published at danacavalea.com.

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