What if I don’t want to fly, no more? What if I just want to rest?

Be calm, quiet, steady, write my book, return, to my essence, write.

What if I just want to recover, and not react, no more? Respond, they say, you must respond, not react. What’s the difference?


This is so, true.

If only I could wait, wonder, wish. For what’s next. Pray. Preach, teach. My classes. I teach every day, nama-stay.

And I try, to stay. Present. I try to show up, be brave, behave. I respect my bottomline, behaviour. I recover.

People ask, what do you need to recover from?

This morning, on my mat, I realised, I’m so clean. I’m way cleaner than anyone I’ve met, before. Still.

I feel I can make, progress. Do things, differently. Get clear, sight, clarity, clean. Care for myself, as much as I care, for others.

And so it is.

And you, what do you think of this?