What is Rational Embodiment?

The secret of ancient Hellenic culture — rational embodiment

The simplest definition of rational embodiment is: a way of perceiving the world devoid of any superstition, fear and prejudgement. Rational embodiment is a way of action. It is a state of embodied personal sense of freedom in perfect balance with responsibilities and duties to family, country, state, city and culture or whatever else is important to you. Rational embodiment is the ancient Hellenic state of consciousness.

“Boy on a horse” National Archeological MUseum in Athens Photo by Athan Gadanidis

How can we ever understand who they were without experiencing their state of consciousness?

Rational embodiment is how I describe the consciousness that gave birth to the ancient Hellenic culture and created what has been called The Hellenic Miracle. Miracle was the only way this rapid evolution of mankind could be explained. It was a mystery; an enigma that was waiting to be deciphered. Academic attempts to uncover the root cause for this rapid evolution have failed. They cannot explain what occurred because they cannot live it. They cannot breathe it. They cannot feel it. All they can do is think it. Thinking is the last thing the Hellenes did. First, they observed. They did not think their way to understanding. They experienced it they — lived it.

Therefore, if you wish to know them you must embrace their consciousness. Just like you embrace Yoga and Buddhistic meditation and practices. There is more to consciousness awakening than religion based practices. The Hellenic consciousness created the greatest leap of human evolution.

It was simply the ability to observe their surroundings and themselves without fear and superstition. They had fears and they had superstitions and beliefs. The secret of their success was their ability to overcome them and free their creativity and enhance their abilities in every thing they did.

Where is the evidence?

The evidence of rational embodiment is all around us. It is embedded in the original statues and temples built by this unique ancient Hellenic rational embodiment society — hidden in plain sight.

“Zeus of Artemesium” Bronze 600 BC at the National Archeological MUseum of Athens Photo by Athan Gadanidis

Why does it matter?

Humanity is at the brink of destruction. Our failed policies have caused more wars, more suffering and death and a vast amount of pollution that has poisoned our water supply, our air, and our food supply leading to an increase of disease and premature death or suffering with chronic symptoms.

Olive grove Photo by Athan Gadanidis

The only consciousness that can solve the problems of our civilization is the consciousness that invented it; Rational embodiment.

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Next article will be a step by step guide

How I discovered the 5 stages to rational embodiment:

1. Perspectivism

2. Observation

3. Pattern recognition

4. Seeing through other peoples’ eyes

5. Overcoming Fear