What is your anxiety trying to tell you?

I know how it is to have anxiety, I had crippling fears & panic attacks for a few years which even had me on anti-depressants in my 20s (luckily I managed to stop them after 6-months). The worst part? I used to get panic attacks about sleeping, so sleeping became a place of terror for me.

It started when I was living in London, working long hours trying to make it. On paper, my life looked great — good job, well paid, beautiful flat, a husband. All was good. However, there was this fear feeling inside that just grew and grew and blossomed into full-blown anxiety.

The thing is, I was avoiding changing my life big-time. Deep down, it all didn’t feel enough, I had these nagging feelings like “IS THIS IT??”. My heart wanted something more meaningful. I wanted to quit the busy london rat race but I was scared of doing something completely different. So, I decided to try to over-ride these feelings with “It’ll be OK” (avoidance strategy) or “Oh look, I can go out tonight!” (distraction strategy) etc.

I was so terrified of facing this truth and the changes that may need to come from it, that I pretended it was all OK. So in a way, the beautiful intelligence of my body gave me a kick up the butt to deal with it. It was when I had to start carrying a paper-bag to deal with hyper-ventilation that I decided that it was a step too far and that I had to do something about it.

I had to be really really brave and start looking into why I was feeling so bad. All the negative thoughts kept coming up in waves, to be dealt with and released. And I decided to begin to make the changes that I so needed and wanted.

The best way to deal with your fears, are to face them head-on. By facing them, the awareness of the negative thoughts helps to release them and they do pass away. Then, you can begin to focus more on what it is you really want and start to make the changes to get there. One step at a time.