What is Your Relationship to Success?

A few weeks ago I got together with my friend Sadae for dinner. As we exchanged casualties, she asked me how I was adjusting to the freelance life. For me, that was a loaded, complex question. Since I quit my job, I’ve worked on my blog and devoted a few days a week to helping my pastor out at his office. While I try to secure writing gigs, I’ve found it to be more difficult than I originally thought. I expressed that I didn’t think it has been a successful couple of months mainly because I wasn’t generating an income from my writing. As I completed my thought, my friend casually suggested, “maybe you should change how you measure success.” “Huh?” I responded. “Change the way you’re measuring success. It’s not always going to equal a check. Sometimes, success is completing an article, attending an event, sending a few emails. Success doesn’t always equal money.”

As enlightened as I consider myself to be, I felt like I just found the key to life. We have been conditioned to believe that success is found in our bank accounts. Each post I write, every email I send, every event I attend contribute to my productivity which makes me successful.

It’s the productivity that leads to success.

If you’re an entrepreneur, consider every move you make towards growing you brand a step in the right direction. For me, this message came right on time. As I lay the foundation for Introvert N the City, I think it’d necessary for me to remember the journey. The journey will ultimately lead me to success. If you stick with consistency by remaining productive, you’ll definitely be successful!