What Makes Mark Zuckerberg this Successful?

Some people have a deeper, more articulate understanding of human nature than other people. This is why there are great writers, and then there is Shakespeare. This is why there are great tech entrepreneurs, and then there’s Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg has an extraordinarily refined ability to comprehend human nature, which I believe is the key quality that helped him deploy, spearhead, and expand Facebook to such a great scale. Sensitivity is crucial.

Understanding the depths of human nature goes hand to hand with the ability to sense how and when it is the right time to take a specific action. I call it the inner clock. Some people have a more sophisticated inner clock than other people. Take as example professional comedians- they’re able to deliver the right joke at the right time. And that causes an emotional reaction that clicks with the audience. The same joke told by another person may not have the same effect. So what distinguishes Mark from many other people on planet Earth is that Mark Zuckerberg has an extraordinarily accurate inner clock which helps him introduce specific content at a time where such content clicks with many people. In the case of Facebook, about 2 billion people.

But what is the specific content that I’m talking about? Here are some examples:

  • News Feed, or understanding how people’s brain prefers content to be organized and presented based on users’ behavioral patterns online;
  • The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a philanthropy that aims to advance human potential, promote equal opportunity, and cure most diseases within a kid’s lifetime;
  • Mark is visiting all of the 50 states of the U.S.A. and physically interacting with the residents of each state to further consolidate his understanding of how he can connect more people and give voice to everyone in the community.

I think that Mark Zuckerberg will run as a democratic presidential candidate, and actually become the President of the United States of America, sometime in the future. By visiting all of the 50 States, Mark is building a solid credential that will support him throughout his future presidential campaign.

The Facebook team is the engine that supports Mark’s vision and brings it to life in an effective and compelling fashion. The most minutiae details are carefully crafted before Facebook deploys any bit of content.

Mark has two main goals, one is to connect the entire world, and the other one is to cure most diseases within a kid’s lifetime. Human nature cannot be changed, however humans’ mental maps can be changed, they can be altered and reshaped over a relatively large period of time. Mark Zuckerberg will be a major influencer for the change of the traditional educational system. He will reshape people’s perception of universities, and he will cause a major shift in our world order. And to do so, he will use his inner clock to make sure that such changes integrate smoothly and almost naturally into our mental maps.

Mark is progressively materializing his vision. The first step is to connect the entire world. Once that is achieved, then there’s an omniscient power over the world in terms of effective communication. With a single click — ideas, innovations, points of view, beliefs, advertisements, news, can be delivered to billions of people in less than an eye blink. When each one of us can freely express what we think and believe in, status quo and social constructs will progressively take a different shape. We don’t necessarily have to live within social norms someone else in the past had decided for us. Mark Zuckerberg will virtually become one of the most powerful persons on Earth, ever existed thus far. This is what I think. And i made a video based on what you just read:

In this video i’ll act out the words i’ve written in the article

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