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Short Story

There were Sita and Gita, sisters who were married off around the same tender age of 15. In the early 1900s, child marriage was the norm and neither of them knew any better until they were adults in their own right a decade or two later.

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Simran’s success was not an accident, it was decided by her mother the day she was born.

How is this connected to life mastery?

  1. Think long term — The single most important factor attributable to Sita and Simran’s success was that it was 20 years in the making. Sita made short term sacrifices to make her child a success. We can apply this to our personal lives as well. How many times have we taken the short-cut? Not faced our fears? Spent that extra money shopping instead of investing? Skipped that class we could not afford to miss?
  2. Decisions lead to destiny — First decide where you want to head, and then change your actions to make that decision a reality. Sita had decided the moment Simran was born that she would be educated and successful. She had begun with the end in mind.
  3. Persevere — Hard-work is the name of the game. But it isn’t about a day or a year. The amount of perseverance we must have really depends on the magnitude of our dreams and aspirations. In Sita’s case, she had to persevere and not give up saving money from her meager income for 20 long years to make her dream a reality.

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