What My Cats Taught Me About Manifesting

I’ve been reflecting quite a bit lately on manifesting, thinking back through experiences I’ve had where the process in which I manifested something was extraordinary… and what I learned from that.

And what I realized was, one of the most extraordinary moments in manifesting something in my life involved my cats Moshe and Lulu.

Here’s the back story:

Meet Moshe. He was a sweetheart. He had a brother named Pedro who he loved. Pedro died; Moshe was heartbroken. So was I, but that’s another story.

After Pedro died, Moshe and I went along in life. Pedro was just fine; he and I often met up in the energetic realm at first, so I knew he was doing well.

Moshe, not so much.

Moshe wanted company. So I decided to ask him what would work best. He told me he wanted a female to live with, not a kitten though. So off I went; a little reluctantly as I wasn’t sure I wanted another cat. On impulse I went off to a shelter. I knew I was pushing this; it didn’t feel totally right but I wanted Moshe to be happy. I found an adorable little cat, and brought her home.

Moshe took one look and moved out. New kitty climbed the walls, seemingly hating it at my place. Unfortunately after about a month of being inside, one day the new kitty made a run for it and took off.

Moshe moved back in. But, he continued to howl and ask for a buddy.

So after some time I decided to try again. This time I had a chat with Moshe and laid down the law. I got specific about what I wanted. I took into account what he wanted, but I had some ground rules. And they were:

1. I was going to go to two different shelters on two specific Saturdays, and Moshe needed to find a partner from one of the cats that would be in one of those places.

2. Moshe was in charge of picking the right cat. I trusted him to find someone I’d love too.

3. I would need to know right away which kitty to bring home. I asked Moshe to please let her know, to let me know. No more guessing.

4. Moshe and “new kitty” needed to get along. No fighting. I meant it. No more moving out or unhappy kitties.

4. And when it was Moshe’s time to pass on, “new kitty” would want to live as the only kitty.

So off I went to shelter number one. Nobody really clicked with me there. So I went home and let Moshe know that the next weekend was the one.

And it was. The following weekend I met Lulu.

I brought her home and let her hang out in the bathroom. About an hour later I found Moshe sitting outside of the bathroom door with the two of them sticking their paws under the door. So I do a little experiment and let Lulu out.

It was love at first sight. And in the several years that Moshe had left, he had a buddy. And when Moshe sadly did move on, Lulu transitioned into the queen of the castle and has been a happy gal.

So, what did I learn?

I look back on this and recognize that when it comes to manifesting something, there are things that we are in charge of and other things we let “others” be in charge of. We all play our part; but if we try to get in there and control and micro-manage, we over step our role and muck up the process.

In the case of Moshe and Lulu, I was in charge of being clear on what I wanted, communicating that to Moshe and then meeting up with Lulu (who was in the loop on all this) to bring her home… and that was only because Moshe couldn’t drive.

But seriously, I had to release some of the control and let some other force orchestrate this. I put what I wanted out there, stepped aside and then when it was ready I let myself be ready to receive.

On my first pass at this, when I tried to force it and take it all in my own hands, nothing worked. I was overstepping what I was in charge of and I wasn’t letting all the players “line up” and get onboard.

I’ve been translating this as of late to realize that I can set up the desire and the initial ask, but then I need to hand it over to other powers to move it into form. When I try to orchestrate it all, I fall on my face.

Getting out of the way and letting the energy line up to drop into form is the most powerful thing we can do. And… it can be the hardest.

But we need to remember that spirit has a role to play in what we create. We must give over part of the creative process to the “powers that be” which bring vibration (thought) into form. I say, we have to hand over our initial ask to the part of Nature that holds the intelligence around form, and shift our awareness then to be ready to catch it when it shows up.

Bottom line is: a watched pot never boils. And I have Moshe and Lulu to thank for helping me see that I am not in charge of it all… I need to do my part, then let go and let things create.♥

Originally published at www.theeverydaylightworker.com on January 7, 2015.