Whether or not you’ve yet to see the new “Wonder Woman” movie which recently hit theaters, it wouldn’t be difficult to understand one basic premise of the movie. The basic plot is featuring a super hero woman (wonder woman) who possesses unique super powers and fights evil.

I’m not going to get into a complete synopsis of the film, but I do want to touch on one of the themes the movie highlighted which I personally believe (as the title suggests) is what sets a woman apart as a great leader.

While Wonder Woman was undoubtedly a “badass” who can take on dozens of bad guys at once with many of her superhero powers, she also demonstrated her nurturing side; a motherly, caring quality which inspired her to save a lot of people whom everyone else had given up on helping.

I foresee a new shift in the evolution of gender differences- one where a woman is able to embrace and integrate her femininity as a leader. As we have seen a great rise of female leaders in the business world over the past three or four decades in many developed nations, many of these women will readily admit (when it’s safe to do so) that they felt they had to “shut off” a certain feminine side about them to survive and be successful in a masculine workplace.

You can read about amazing female leaders like Ping Fu (co-founder of Geomagic) and Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook) who address this particular challenge in their rise to the top.

While that was very likely true and necessary on some level for them to do at the time, I’ve also heard and spoken with many women who shared how they only began to feel truly liberated, powerful, and authentic as a leader when they began to embrace and integrate their feminine essence into their leadership.

The irony is, that by shutting off a wonderful part of themselves in order to feel some level of control or power in the midst of a uphill adventure, they actually cut off the source of their true ‘inner-power,’ which is what I believe is what actually sets them apart as incredible leaders, and ones our world desperately needs.

It wouldn’t be hard for most of us to agree that we live in a very ‘masculine-dominated’ world. When I use the word ‘masculine,’ I’m not necessarily referring to men, but more so on an energetic level.

Power, greed, corruption, war, and attempts to control are (in my opinion) the symptoms of a world that has been on the extreme side of masculine energy gone wild.

Many a woman’s superpower lies not only in her creativity, ambition, and ability to lead, but also in her high level of intuition, ability to greatly comfort and nurture those who are in pain, and a strong desire to implement change to support all types of people — including the many who others have already dismissed or given up on.

When both these sides of a woman are embraced and integrated, I believe we will witness leadership, change, and growth in this world as we have never seen before.

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