What Slices Does Your Marketing Pie Include?

Ok, don’t panic! At least that’s what I was telling myself the morning of October 11th, as I anxiously waited for Facebook to come back online.

What is going on here?

Unfortunately, outages happen and Facebook is “only human”. I know, I know, it’s not “human” per say, but it is programmed by humans and therefore it is subject to the same uncertainties that all humans face when it comes to technology.

In essence, Facebook is an evolving platform, just like you and I. As we adjust how we do business, they also are adjusting.

This is a perfect example of why Facebook can only make up a percentage of your marketing plan.

What would you do if Facebook suddenly disappeared? How are you growing your list? How are you generating leads? How are you nurturing your prospects?

If Facebook represents only a slice of the “marketing pie”, what would the other slices be?

Would you turn to other social networking platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Alignable? Would you ramp up your online presence, such as email marketing, website, SEO? Would you seek out traditional media, such as magazines, newspapers, billboards, television? How about physical business-building events, such as the networking meetings, community involvement, event sponsorships, pass out promotional materials?

What would you do?

Think about what you’re doing now to market your business and consider all of the other elements that you could be doing.

A well-balanced Marketing Pie contains multiple slices. Each slice compliments one another to accomplish your marketing goals as they contribute to your overall business goals.

However, when the pie is only made up of a single slice, then you’re vulnerable. Because, what happens when that slice is gone? You guessed it — your marketing plan is gone too!

What slices does your marketing pie contain?

If you’re new to business, consider speaking with someone about your marketing plan. As always, I’m happy to help. If you’d like to schedule a little time with me, here’s the link to do that: https://ClaudiaSheridan.com/15-minutes

Originally published at claudiasheridan.com on October 11, 2017.