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What would love do?

Here, in this moment?

Love would…

❤️ Seek to understand, not to judge.

❤️ Put itself in the shoes of others, knowing that there, but for the grace of god, go I.

❤️ Look people in the eyes, and smile.

❤️ Respond, not react. Love doesn’t take things personally.

❤️ Only help those who ask for it, and not those who don’t.

❤️ Be respectful of all people, not just those in your tribe.

❤️ Ask questions, and not assume anything.

❤️ Keep an open mind in every situation.

❤️ Put the well-being of yourself and others above all else.

❤️ Allow you to be yourself, and not the person you think others want you to be.

❤️ Have its own view of what success looks like, and not society’s.

❤️ Be compassionate. All the time. With everyone (you included).

❤️ Be present in every action, in every thought.

❤️ Make you resilient to life’s challenges.

❤️ Nourish you, and not beat you up.

❤️ Love fearlessly.

❤️ Live in the present. Savouring everything. Expecting nothing.

❤️ Learn from the past, but not dwell in it.

❤️ Aim for the future with goals, plans, and action, but not fantasize about it.

❤️ Know your life’s true purpose, what makes your heart sing.

❤️ Spend every moment consciously, according to your priorities. Love knows that otherwise, you’re living according to someone else’s priorities.

❤️ Accept your emotions fully. All of them.

❤️ Never waste time on things that don’t bring you closer to your life’s purpose.

❤️ Allow you to be, and not try to control you.

❤️ Be grateful for everything you have, and not resentful of what you don’t have.

❤️ Encourage you to know yourself and why you’re here, and not to be a cog in a machine.

❤️ Receive help and kindness as readily as you give it. Love knows you cannot give unconditionally unless you know how to receive.

❤️ Let go of things from the past that no longer serve you, like old anger, old resentment, old fears.

❤️ Be open to new experiences, all the time.

❤️ Express your emotions fully, in the moment you feel them… or as soon as possible after, if you’re not in a safe place at that time.

❤️ Know what’s yours to do, and not do.

❤️ Love unconditionally.

❤️ Seek shared solutions, and not compromise.

❤️ Forgive. Yourself and others.

❤️ Be of service to others, but without any self-sacrifice.

❤️ Lead with the heart, not the mind. The heart knows how to share, giving the mind all tasks it does better. The mind keeps everything for itself.

If love were here, in this moment, what would it do?

Love would love, and not fear.

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