What Would You Choose If You Weren’t Afraid?

I was driving home from an intense healing session when I had a revelation. I was taking actions driven by fear, not from my heart or my intuition. Not from my higher self, and certainly not in service of my highest good. So I wondered…

“What would I choose if I wasn’t afraid of missing out?”

And with that simple question, the answers were obvious. I would take much different steps forward. I would have some challenging conversations. I would choose only what was in the highest good of myself and everyone involved.

Even if it meant missing out on something awesome.

This line of questioning isn’t new for me… in fact, it’s been a driving force in my life and business over the last two and a half years. I’ve made terrifying decisions by asking myself what I’d do if I wasn’t afraid. Afraid of failing, losing everything, missing out, being judged, or getting rejected.

I talk to you a lot about choice, because choice is everything.

And fear? It has it’s place. Fear is not the enemy, it’s what we choose to do with it. Sometimes fear is there to tell us that something isn’t right, and that we should start running in the opposite direction. And sometimes fear is there to tell us that what we’re choosing is going to be challenging… uncomfortable… even hard and messy. But that doesn’t make it wrong. Fear is simply information.

The only way to know the difference between what it’s trying to tell you is to tune in. Check in with your heart, your intuition, your higher self.

In today’s vlog I’m talking about two times I’ve asked myself the question, what would I choose if I wasn’t afraid? Watch the video below…