Things you learn when you move to a big city

Moving to a new metro city is everyone’s dream because the life appears to be dreamy here. Yes it appears to be. You get to live whatsoever you see in movies and read in magazines. Its intimidating. Its colorful.

The skyscrapers. The astonishing lights. The big television screens all over the main market where celebrities advertise for some product which you would not to be of your use ever. But you still think about that product.

Anyone who would move from a small town would agree that life is awesome but yet difficult to survive in the big cities.

We fight, we cry, we smile but yet we survive and learn.

1. Nice big apartments are a myth.

Yes they are. Movies must have shown you owning a big bedroom apartment with big closets right in the middle of the city was easy.

But ehhhh!! Wake up ! It is not.

And if its easy, it is not at all affordable especially for a single working people. So the bubble you lived in is popped on the very first day. You will end up in a small apartment may be a lot away from your workplace to make your ends meet.

2. Transportation is easy.

Yes, another myth! Courtesy of entertainment world, we get to see the protagonist sitting freely in subways, metros or buses. Truth is you have to struggle. Struggle not to miss your metro. Struggle not to get squished away between people in the crowd. Struggle to not to breathe in middle of all that body odor mixing. Struggle to stand for 40 minutes straight at one position without moving any muscle of yours.

3. Everyone is in hurry as you.

So nobody would have time to guide you through the correct subway or help you pick up your things when you trip and fall down while figuring out a way to go. People are busy and selfish. You will also be someday. So just grab the seat you get in the subway and don’t be slow about it.

4. Hard on Pocket.

You will be independent. An independent person. You will have to figure out many things on your own like finding a laundry or a salon(a cheap one). You will spend way much money you thought of on basic needs because accept it is a city and everyone needs to survive. Your savings would not be as much as you thought of. So handle it. It is OK when you are starting new and fresh.

5. They are not green suburbs.

You will miss the fresh air you would be breathing around your town. Even when you visit the park nearby you will miss the silence and wish for that loud music to stop.

6. People are too nice.

Yes they maybe but only at pubs and bars. Yes too nice to be real. They may come up with a smirk on your face and you get startled. Interestingly you could enjoy many free drinks but also will be heartbroken. Gradually you would know who are genuine and worth spending time and effort and who just want to get into your pants for one night.

7. Friends

It is tough to make friends when get older. But here it will be tougher. Maybe your “seems to be nice and comfy” roommate will become pain in the ass after one week. Or maybe you both will become best friends.

Office colleagues are only good for a certain level. Being too much talkative or informative or not much open will get you the famous tags : “the arrogant one”, “too friendly”, “the nosy”, “the stubborn one”. But you have to learn to deal with it. And need not to give heed to it.

8. Not to be sorry.

Yes you are a nice person but you have to change your little self. Start apologizing less just because you said something and they interpreted something else. There are thousands of people in that very city and you cannot make everyone happy.

9. The New You.

The city will help you discover the new you. You will get to have experiences. Experience of meeting and having fun with new people, meeting and not having fun with new people. Experience of sitting alone and eating in a diner. That will be something new. Something good. You will learn new things about yourself. Your better side with more patience, more threshold, more passion and maybe a new hobby. Just hold on and you will love it.

10. Worth Of The Family.

The enormous big buildings will make you remember your little home. The buildings which are hollow from inside wont fulfill or warm your heart as your home did. You will miss your family and friends back then. You will realize and miss every little tantrum they would have thrown and miss being like that.

You become a new person gradually.

A new person with new mindset.

New beliefs.

New standards.

You will gradually gel up in the city and become the part of the crowd moving around.

Months after you see a puzzled person in the midst of the crowd with a smile yet a worried look on face.

You feel them. You know that exact emotion.

You just smile at them and say “ You will survive” and walk away.

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