What’s Happening When We Feel Stuck

How one question can help shift the energy.

We’ve all had those moments when we feel stuck in life. We want something to be different but we struggle to figure out the what or how. Perhaps you feel stuck in your career or relationships. You know you need out but going seems hard so you stay. Even though you don’t want to feel stuck, there’s comfort in the current circumstances so you settle in to the discomfort of feeling stuck.

Here is what is going on when you feel stuck in life.

Option A

There’s planning and plotting. Followed by a long hard look at every possible possibility. You argue against yourself and can literally rationalize the “pros” and “cons” of every alternative you contemplate. Before too long you’re right back where you started with no solution in site. If you find yourself saying “I think” a lot, you’re in your head.

Option B

You’re stomach hurts. All the time. Your gut is literally wrenching with consternation about your stuck status. The surges of adrenaline you feel is a spontaneous reaction to the emotions surging through your body. One minute you’re certain of a course of action and ready to say goodbye to being stuck. The next moment you feel equally strong about some other solution. Net result, you stay stuck. If you find yourself saying “I feel” a lot, you’re guided by the gut.

Relying on our intellect (option a) or instinct (option b) is a surefire way to stay stuck. Neither are reliable sources of information as they are natural human response to the stress of being stuck. Your body (mind and belly) gets sidelined by the daunting task of assessing the alternatives. Don’t get sucked into the trap.

When you feel stuck ask yourself “what do I know?” The goal is to use your consciousness, your innate sense of knowing, to find your way out of the situation that is keeping you stuck. The heart, acting as a bridge between the brain and belly, will help you summon your intuition. The hardest part is to quiet the mind and settle the stomach. The good news is, once you know, you are no longer stuck.

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Originally published at extramilewellness.com on June 2, 2017.