What’s Your Soapbox Story?

Stacy Vajta
Aug 13, 2018 · 3 min read
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What do you care about? What drives you in your life? What do you believe, that helps you make sense of the world?

I think that everyone has a metaphorical soapbox that they stand upon, where they tell the story of why they’re here, what they genuinely believe is the focus of their life, and what they want to see in the world.

Not everyone knows their “soapbox story” though, which can lead to feeling lost in life… feeling off-purpose. And some us struggle with owning our story, and saying that what we care about, really matters.

You don’t have to get all metaphysical on me to recognize your message, just look at your life. What theme keeps popping up — what do you offer in service by merely being your most authentic you?

Recognizing this is about creating a sense of purpose.

Knowing what you care about enough to metaphorically shout it from the rafters, via the expression of who you are, aligns you with experiences that allow you to live your life in a way that feeds your soul.

Now, this exercise of knowing your soapbox story is not about throwing your ideas on everyone, trying to convince people of your mindset.

It’s about knowing who you are.

It’s empowering to know your ideas and use them as fuel to direct you toward what aligns with that energy; what will support you in living that out in the world.

Knowing your soapbox story might fuel your work in new ways. You might decide to work in a particular field, or company, or position because it allows you to live out what you care about.

Owning what you believe about the workings of the world, and how living that creates an impact can impact your spirituality and how you contribute to your community. It can help give you direction. It fuels passion.

And isn’t that what so many people feel like they don’t have a connection with these days?

Ah, but the fear.

It can be scary to own your soapbox story; to claim what you believe. It can be hard to speak your truth.

We have to risk saying things that people don’t agree with, living our lives by a code that others might not understand, and even take action in the world that might rock the boat.

We have to be willing to our truth and grow from that, day after day.

But that’s kind of the whole point, right?

Live your message.

I don’t think we can live a life without having this deep sense of inner direction. Yet we shut it down.

Let’s turn it back on. Go inward to find it. And then step into it wholeheartedly.

To do that, you need to be willing to go out on a ledge and claim aloud, for all to see, what you know; what you believe. You have to start living that through what you do.

I think the “doing” that we do in our work, in our communities, in our world makes our spirit-work real. And our spirit work is to bring our soapbox story to life in some way — to create an impact on the world in some way because something about this life matters to us.

So, what is your soapbox message?

Think about it. What lies beneath what you value. If you could tell the world one thing to help us know what your soul thought was important enough to show up for, what would it be?

Just think what would happen if you stepped into your soapbox ideals just a bit more, letting that fuel the choices that you made.

How might that change you… and the world?

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Stacy Vajta

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www.StacyVajta.com ~ Get clarity, then do your thing. Find your voice; claim who you are and what you’re here to do. Helping you do that is my thing.

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More than living. Thriving.

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