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How Your Vibration Can Support You & the World

I’m a little distraught today from the latest killings, the fires, the continuation of negative news even from family and friends, and the effects of natural disasters that are happening right now, as I’m sure you might be as well. 
Monday morning I had trouble thinking about work. All I could reflect on was… How can I make a difference right now? What can I do to support? What can I do that will create a positive impact for others so that they don’t fall into emotional states that have them acting out in this way? I prayed and meditated on these questions this morning, and wanted to share the response I received.

“Be yourself. Bethany, speak from love, feel from love and compassion. Touch with love and listen with compassion. BE LOVE. You tapping into being love affects thousands of people. Go there.

Then I thought about the David R. Hawkins scale. He wrote my favorite book “Letting Go: The Pathway to Surrender” and also “Power Vs. Force” which is on my reading list. 
 Dr. Hawkins developed a system for testing people’s vibrational energies from zero to 1000. This is a method I like to use with my clients as I can measure their energies lifting as I work with them. It’s super powerful. I’m constantly check myself to see where I’m at, as your levels can change throughout the day and on various beliefs as well. This is when some tweaking could be in order, see some of the ways below.


The average level of people across the world rests at 200. You can see the various emotions on this image. He tested Hitler to sit around 30 which means he did feel guilty and Einstein at 499, a level of reasoning. I highly recommend the books to learn more, prepare yourself though, they are quite lengthy and intense!
 Personally, when I first learned about this practice, I tested at about 300, and it’s been a journey to now mostly be in the 500’s. Still, I’m on a constant mission to improve myself. 
 So why do I share this with you? There is a power in your levels. 
 You’ve probably heard about how your energy affects the people around you. If not, think about entering into a dinner or a date grumpy vs joyful and the outcomes based on your attitude that could result. Now, the other individual could completely shift your stature that evening, and that’s the point. 
 The Hawkins scale shares the science behind how positivity truly does support the planet.
 According to Dr. Hawkins, when you are at a vibrational energy of 500, you can lift 750,000 people around you. When someone hits 700, they positively impact 70M people!
 Bottom line, working on yourself supports the world! Mastering your emotional intelligence and tapping into love, peace, and joy powerfully affects yourself and so many thousands around you! 
 To further portray the power of these vibration levels: there have been studies surrounding the effects of monks meditating within cities full of crime. They call it the Maharishi Effect. In one city, crime was reduced 20%!
 Want to raise your vibrations
 Here are just a few ways to lift your energetic levels:
 — Connection to Source, Divine, God, Creator, etc
 — Connecting with Self, people, and nature
 — Prayer and meditation
 — Removing negative subconscious beliefs & obstacles
 — Healing and forgiveness with past trauma’s
 — Developing an awareness of what you say that is not of love, to bring it to an end. Example: judgemental comments towards self and others
 My Challange to You:
 Next time you are feeling down, upset, frustrated, basically anything that’s contractive, simply state to yourself again and again throughout the day, or prior to a meditation…

“I choose to see this through the eyes of love. How can I experience this with love?

Sending lots of love to you and your loved ones today.

Wishing you the knowledge that you are an infinite being worthy and cable of experiencing and sharing pure LOVE!
 Let’s spread LOVE. You never know how many around that are being affected by you at any given moment.

Bethany Londyn
 Creator of “Results in 30” | Educator of Intuition

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