When All Else Fails, Ho’oponopono.

Stacy Vajta
Jul 26, 2018 · 3 min read
Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash

In all of our lives, we face conflict, confusion, tension… we hold judgments. Here and there we might reach a point of overwhelm; not knowing how to create a change in our lives or support a level of healing around a relationship — or even a particular mindset — that shapes how we interact with the world and those around us.

What we see in the world and have a conflict with externally, we mirror within ourselves. And when healing is needed to transform both the inner and outer, Ho’oponopono can be a powerful tool.


Ho’oponopono means to make right: to make right with the ancestors or the people in your life; to make right with ideas, feelings, and situations.

It’s a Huna practice that holds, at its core, the idea that we carry inside us as parts of the Unconscious Mind of all the significant people in our lives.

Ho’oponopono makes it “all right” with them.

In my mind, it’s not just the ancestors or the people in our lives that we’re connected to that we can work with through Ho’oponopono, but every experience or energy that’s held in the field or collective unconscious.

We are all one, so any thought, feeling, person, energy, idea, situation — you name it — can be worked with in this way. Whether or not something is a part of your daily human experience, it is a part of your collective spiritual experience.

The process of Ho’oponopono is to align with and clean up what is out of harmony… our relationships, our karma, and our emotional process. It’s about forgiveness and honoring, and the whole experience of Ho’oponopono lies within you.

The prayer goes like this: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

That’s it. Simple; yet profound.

I believe that when we do work like this, we not only tap into our personal feelings and issues but also how we are connected to that particular level of consciousness, and we get to forgive it, love it, transform it. We do this not only for ourselves but for all who are connected in some way to that energy… past, present, and future.

I love this process especially when I feel like I am at my wit’s end. It seems to speak to me when all else fails; when I feel so confused as to what to do when none of my “regular” tools create a change. I go back to this simplicity. And every single time, something changes.

Here’s a little “how to.”

Sit down and feel into your feelings, feel into your anxiety or tension. Feel into the people who you want to create some healing with and say to both you and them (or it): I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

Where can you open your heart to these feelings… those words?

Go slow, lean in. Where can you find the energy of where in your life — even past lives — have you been in this energetic conflict before? Maybe as the victim or even the perpetrator? How can you love on that and let it release?

Speak the words into whatever you are working with until you feel a release of some kind, a softening. And come back to this until you feel a true release to any kind of charge or negative response to the person or situation.

I think the trick is to simply be present to what you notice coming up in your experience as you focus on the issue, the energy, and emotions that show up when you say these words.

As above, so below.

If you want to change what’s going on around you, a powerful place to start is to change what’s going on within you. Ho’oponopono is a powerful, heart-felt tool that can change both.

What in your life needs some Ho’oponopono? Give it a try: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

You’ll know what to do with those words.

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