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When Dogs Fly

As an animal lover and activist I was horrified to learn of the senseless death of a ten month old pug aboard United Airlines flight #1284. The flight attendant insisted the dog be put in the overhead bin for a flight that was 3 hours long much to the concern and protest of the owner.

Anyone who has seen the story has been traumatized by the notion that this baby died a slow, painful suffocating death, crying and whimpering for the first part of the flight. While United has taken responsibility for their actions, it does not bring this beloved pet back to life.

I would hope there is something to be learned here even though the statistics are relatively low of animal deaths, 1.2% of all pets flying in 2016, however, United Airlines accounted for 1/3 of those deaths.

My question is why? Why do people insist on flying their pets with them? I understand the sensible reasons such as relocating or long term vacation or family visits away from home. But the majority who fly their pets today are simply compromising the pets’ well-being for their own comfort and desire.

Dogs, cats, pigs, birds and other animals were not designed to be airborne at 33,000 feet! Their ears, like humans are sensitive but far more so than us and the decibel range of an airline engine combined with the cabin pressure, combined with the noise and energy of 200–300 frightening people (pets POV) is enough to kill any animal. So why? Why would you subject your animal to such horrible conditions if you don’t need to?

We all love our pets but there should be a test given to those who own them. There is actually a video on You Tube of a Pug dying on camera after eating grapes! Here is a list of no-no’s but there are many more so please google before you feed your pet anything other than healthy, pet food.

If you own a pet but have never researched what is safe for your breed to eat, then you should NOT have a pet. I see people giving their dogs aspirin, milk products and even chocolate, knowing these are toxic to dogs. Every summer I tweet away at the numbers of parents who walk their dog on hot asphalt in the middle of the day. In my neighborhood I have called the Humane Society a dozen times on those who leave their animals outside all winter long with little to no shelter and who rarely go out to play with the animal. In Colorado it is common to see horses standing out in the open plain with snow covering their backs. Who gets horses without having a barn or some form of shelter for them especially in cold country? What of those folks who fail to properly secure their fencing so the animal gets out only to be hit by a car? Think, if you get a pet, this is not rocket science; it is a living, breathing creature.

Our society while intelligent has fallen short when it comes to understanding nature and animals. Whether ignorance, arrogance or just plain denial, pets suffer every year at the hands of owners who fail to do the research needed to properly take care of an animal.

Walk in the shoes of your pet; an animal will almost always prefer its own surroundings and home to the chaos of the world we live in. Subjecting it to an atmosphere which causes the animal to be frightened, dehydrated or in danger is simply selfish, there is no other word for it.

When I leave for vacation, I hire not one but two people to care for my brood, one to stay in my home full time and the other to check on the one staying in my home and to play with my dogs as well. Activity is helpful when the owner is away because it is a good distraction from missing their owners. I not only leave detailed instructions including the Veterinarians name, address and phone number, I also leave my numbers, my ex-husband’s number since he loves our pets and knows what they need, and I leave the neighbors number just in case there is an emergency and the neighbors have to step in. Pet sitters have marveled over the years at how thorough my instructions are on taking care of my fur babies and have even stated that a 6 year old could understand them.

Please think before you get a pet and think ONLY about the needs of the animal. If you are getting a pet to fill your needs, you probably shouldn’t get a pet. Pets spend their lifetime loving you unconditionally; don’t you think it is only fair that you should do the same?

Yoshi, Yoki, Quigley and Papadops Jaeger

Ariaa Jaeger is an internationally recognized Spiritual Life Strategist, professional intuitive and alchemist with expertise in spiritual psychology, cellular memory, quantum physics, meditation and mind over matter. Since her clinical death in the Austrian Alps in 1993, Ariaa has devoted her life to helping people from every culture to heal, prosper, evolve and transform their lives.



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Ariaa Jaeger

Ariaa Jaeger

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