Why we are constantly asked to fight climate change as individuals - and why it’s wrong and slows…
We Don’t Have Time

When It Comes To Climate Change We’re All cliMates :-).

Climate Change has brought us to our knees … Changing the Emotional Climate can bring us to our senses.

Synchronistory is a global Party For Humanity where the guest list is Everybeing, celebrating Community AND Diversity … Unity AND Individuality — broadcast live worldwide!

But like any good host(ess) knows, a great party is only as good as its guest list. And this planet’s a mess.

The Global Body is ill. From the Environment to Economic Disparity to Education and Cyber Security, key arteries to its heart are blocked — particularly The Body Politic.

So to prime the planet for “Party Time”, the ultimate global party has affiliated with the ultimate (apolitical) party favour: London-based global governance platform SIMPOL, spearheaded by John Bunzl.

Lauded by Noam Chomsky amongst distinguished others, SIMPOL has delineated a truly remarkable footpath out of the political swamp in a way which actually accommodates our inherent need to compete — with a psychologically savvy new twist.

Ideology is born in the minds of each individual, multiplied by the masses who then “elect” this ideology into office — marry it, for better or worse.

What most of us don’t realise is that Leaders themselves are caught in a political stranglehold whose centrifugal force literally straightjackets them in DGC (Destructive Global Competition) in order to remain competitive on the (ailing) global playing field— which then winds up straightjacketing us all.
Vital issues like Climate Change necessarily suffer at the hands of DGC, even if a Leader wants not to behave badly :-). The key is for worldwide Democracies to act simultaneously (not just accord about it), thereby significantly reducing both costs and risks that would be otherwise prohibitive with only a handful of active nations. In so doing, SIMPOL (Simultaneous Policy) unburdens both Leaders of Nations & Corporations which thereby unshackles us all.

From existential shifts to political ones, Humanity can look forward to a fun-omenal future global party … and a fundaMentally sane apolitical “party- favour” to reboot and reboost our global morale.

www.simpol.org and www.synchronistory.com