When the only certainty is uncertainty, what move do you make?

Are you playing the short game or the long game?

You act to maintain control of outcomes.

You pay people to calculate probabilities and tame uncertainty through statistical models.

But how wide a window of the ‘future’ are you looking at?

Having chosen to be an entrepreneur/freelancer/self-employed, I have chosen to dance more closely with uncertainty. It’s unnerving and I have to remind myself why I’m doing it. During employment, I had the certainty of being paid relative to the amount of hours I put in (whoop whoop one unit in, one unit out), but the certainty in the meaning of the work, the autonomy I had, were out of my control. My efforts to progress and competency could be swept away simply because “it’s not how we do things here” or in my mind, short-term scarcity thinking.

Am I delirious? Do I just need to shut up and get back in line?

With waves of uncertainty coming in from all areas of my life, all I can do is uphold my values. I have ideas about my goals, but what’s the point of making a plan when some of the pieces have yet to be revealed?

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