When the Universe Is Trying to Send You a Message…

Do you notice?

I’m an erratic Facebook user. I can easily go weeks without checking it, then, when I am procrastinating on something like writing, I take a peek. I opened the page recently to see a 6-Year Friend Anniversary announcement with a photo of the Friend, her husband, and two young daughters at the beach. It was a sweet photo. The bitter part is that this woman — a mother, wife, and friend to many — passed away. Seeing the photo filled me with gratitude for what I have. For my family. For my daughters, whom I sometimes take for granted.

That same afternoon, a gas technician was in the house hooking up a gas stove for us. He had been around much of the day installing a new line for the gas. My daughters came home from school and my husband and I were in the kitchen as the technician got to the paperwork part of the process. He was telling my husband and I about his daughter, who was all grown up and out of the house. He said, “Everyone tells you they grow up fast and you don’t believe them. They do. Enjoy every minute you have with them.”

That evening while my family was watching a television show that we tune into weekly, one of the story lines involved a single father whose wife had passed and he was challenged raising his teenage daughter on his own. The end of the show brought a tear to my eye and gratitude to my heart.

On this particular day, a message came to me three times: Be thankful for your family. Be grateful. Don’t take what you have for granted.

What message is calling out to you?

Open up your senses and your awareness and find out.


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Photo credit: Pixabay

Originally published at www.everydayessays.com.