When You Tell People What You Want, They May Say “No” — But Then Again, They May Say, “Yes!”

I was offered a dream job — a perfect fit. It was almost as if the Universe looked down upon me and decided to tailor a position just for me that ticked all the boxes:

Parenting — TICK! ❤ Accelerated Learning — TICK! ❤ Leadership — TICK! ❤ Course Design — TICK! ❤ Entrepreneurship — TICK! ❤ Organization Skills and Ability to Work Across Borders — TICK! ❤

So, when they rang to ask me to come on board, it’s not surprising that I was bursting at the seams with joy.

“I have one slight problem,” I told the HR rep, “I can only start a noon.”

“At noon?” he asked, thinking that perhaps he hadn’t heard me properly.

“At noon,” I confirmed, “I go to the gym in the morning and there’s no way I can give that up. It’s self-maintenance.”

“Let me see what I can do,” he promised not quite sure what he had gotten himself into.

The HR rep kept his promise. My needs were met and I accepted the position.

Now here’s the thing, and this is actually why I’m sharing my story. When I told my friends and family about my new job and how I got it, they were astounded — not so much about me getting the job, but how I dared make the gym a priority. In fact, it has since become a family legend.

“What?” they exclaimed in utter shock. “You actually told them that you won’t take the job, unless they agree to let you go to the gym?”

“Yep!” I explained, “If you don’t set your boundaries, others will set them for you. Besides, if you tell people what you want, they may say ‘no’, but then again, they may say ‘yes’.”

It’s time to take control of our lives.

It’s Time 2 Lead.

It’s time to THRIVE.