Why 3rd World Countries Are Much Healthier Than Americans

As we think about life, no doubt the thought of learning from other cultures becomes something of interest. This is particularly true if you have spent any time in another country, learned another language, or just visited your local ethnic market. It might surprise you to learn the United States is not the healthiest country in the world. According to Health Fitness Revolution, the countries with the longest life expectancy include Japan, Monaco, and Singapore. The countries with the best diet include Chad, Sierra Leone, Mali, Gambia, and Uganda. The happiest countries include Denmark, Switzerland, and Iceland.

There are two leading components of health

One is external environment. The developed world tends to do well in providing a healthy external environment. External environment includes the availability of health information, doctors, hospitals, drugs, surgeons, and caregivers. The other factors are internal, like personal diet and exercise level. The reason that third world countries often have healthier individuals is because their personal diets are much better. While their life expectancy is lower than developed countries, their individual strength and cardiovascular health used to be far superior. However, this has changed recently as Western refined food diets have been exported abroad. One good book about the topic is Dr. Colin Campbell’s The China Study. Eliminating refined foods can be helped by learning some great recipes from other countries.

Some good African dishes to try include:

1. Beans and Rice

2. Maharagwe

3. Ifisashi

Fast foods in particular take a great toll on our health

Former President Clinton once described the dramatic impact that going off of the standard American saturated fat diet had on his health.

The saturated fats that manufacturers stuff into our hot dogs, lattes, and hamburgers are really killing millions.

To help people overcome these problems, many governments have gone on hopeless quests to reform the external environment. They ignore the role that individual choices play in keeping people healthy. The wonder of life is that we get take responsibility for it. Renting out our life to a selfish farmer is not a good way to be a healthy chicken. The wise chickens are happily eating fresh grains in the forest without strange additives added to them. Practice learning from natural living to see your health improve.

Sugar often can contribute to diabetes

Many people eat excessive sugar because they are extremely stressed. Sweets are kind of a comfort food. Getting sweets from natural sources like fruits can help a lot. British researchers have found a connection between sweet consumption and the incidence of diabetes in various countries.

Third World Countries are healthier than Americans in their diet because they do not have the money to buy damaging rich people foods. Vegetables and fruits are less expensive per gram than meat and dairy. The US has a much worse diet than other countries because many residents have bought into the lie that each calorie is the same. If we measure food consumption by calories, it is easy to load up on refined foods and meats, which have a low price per calorie. Each calorie only tells part of the story, however. Calories are only a measure of how much energy a certain food provides. It says nothing about the energy level that food gives a person. It is essential that we consume cheap fruits and vegetables daily to ward off the risk of disease. This is something that people in the third world frequently do. Do not just measure food by how many calories it provides per price. Look at nutrition per price. Look for lots of vitamins in the published lists of good foods online.

Examples of good fruits and vegetables to try that are not that expensive include:

1. Apples

2. Bananas

3. Beets

4. Celery

5. Kale

6. Cabbage

7. Oranges

8. Onions

Eating these regularly can put us on the path to good health that many are missing:

One of the challenges that comes with being used to a particular culture is not learning from cultures different than our own. This is known as ethnocentrism in sociology, and suicide in nutrition. Take a moment to learn from people who have a good diet. It might just save your life and give you some more relaxing vitamins in your system.