Why An Idea Is Not Permission For Success

You just had the best idea you’ve ever had. Where do you go from here?

Photo by Mikael Kristenson via Unsplash

You have a great idea. It may be the best one you’ve ever had.

Should you take action?

You have 2 options here…

Either you can take action on it or not. Either you can put stock into your idea, or you can’t. You can ignore it or nurture it, let it sprout into something beautiful or let it fester.

The choice is yours.

That being said, the mere fact you have a good idea doesn’t mean you should take action on it. Why?

Well, there are tons of products out there (and millions of books).

What makes yours different from the crowd?

And should somebody else bother picking it out of the crowd even if you shepherd it into the light of day?

While it’s just an idea now, it could be so much more.

Imagine the places you could go with it. The things you could do once it becomes a reality. The world you could shape with your hands, piece by little piece.

Doing something with it might just be better than the alternative, which is doing nothing at all.

Blake is an author, coach, and coffee lover based in Vancouver, Canada. He helps writers step into their potential and create great art. If you’re struggling to find ideas to write about, you can download a FREE copy of “The Bulletproof Writer’s Handbook” to conquer the blank page today.