Why Are You Still Choosing To Not Put Yourself First?

What if the tables were turned?

I speak to so many online entrepreneurs who are constantly sacrificing their wants, needs and desires for the sake of someone else.

So that someone else can get to be, do and have what they want.
So that someone else needs are met first and satisfied.
So that someone else gets to be happy, to feel good, accomplished and/or fulfilled…

And the first thing out of my mouth is:

But what about you gorgeous?

What about what you want?
What about what you need?
What about what you desire?

Doesn’t that stuff matter too?
Isn’t that stuff important too?


Don’t the things you want to be, do and have matter too?

Oh, P.L.E.A.S.E. don’t tell ‘no’.

Because, honestly, that’s gonna make me wanna face-plant into my desk. And in doing so I’m likely to damage something…. Including my face. And I don’t wanna do that!

I am pretty frickin’ sure you don’t want me to do that.

You know.
And I know.

That every single time you give in to someone else wishes…

When you sacrifice having that thing you want.
When you sacrifice meeting that need you have.
When you sacrifice fulfilling your desires.
When you sacrifice being the person you want to be.
When you sacrifice doing the stuff you really want to do.




In the silence and the depths of your innermost self…

You cry.
You hurt.
You ache.
You scream.
You suffer.

Inside, somewhere in the deepest recesses of your being…

A part of you dies.

And then it begins.

The feelings of self-loathing and worthlessness.
The feelings of not enoughness and lack of deserving.

That develop into:

The guilt.
The judgement.
The resentment.
The silent rage.
The hatred.

You have for yourself.
Toward that person.

That you carry around.
That you keep a secret.
That you are ashamed of.

It traps you.
It cages you.
It restrains you.

That puts such a heavy burden on you.
Such a massive weight.
One that hard to lift.
To take with you everywhere you go.

But you do it regardless.

Because you feel that THIS^ is your lot.

That this is what you deserve.
That this is what must be.

And so you accept it as such.

You settle into it.
You claim it.

As your truth.
As your very own.


What if you choose to do things differently?
What if you decided to not go through that, again?
What if you honoured yourself?

If you put yourself first?
If you put your wants, needs and desires above everyone else’s?

What then?

I ask you…..

What do you think is the worst thing that would happen?
How would that impact your life?

Your relationships?
Your emotions?
Your feelings?
Your beliefs?
Your internal dialogue?
Your YOUness?

What would change within you?
What would change outside of you?
What would the consequences be?

I guess that, at first, people might be surprised. You might even surprise yourself.

In fact, I guarantee that THAT will be the case. Initially.

Some people may even question your motives…
The sudden change in the way you….

They’ll doubt your level of give-a-shit for and about them. They’ll try once again to make it all about them…

Because that’s how they roll…
Because that’s what they’re used to…
Because they are egocentric…
Because that’s all they know…


Why don’t you care about what they want anymore?
Why don’t you care about whether or not they’re happy anymore?
Why don’t you care any longer if they do or don’t get to be, do and have what it is that they want?

Why are you being so self-righteous?
Why does everything have to be ‘all about you’?
What’s making you be so selfish?

What. The. Actual. F*ck?!…

But, yes, they really will ask you that!

And if they don’t ask…
You can be sure that is what they’ll be thinking.
Even saying behind your back.

They’ll be affronted.
They’ll feel confronted.

The thing is…

That stuff.

What they’ll be feeling, thinking, experiencing…

That is EXACTLY what you’ve been feeling all along.
That is EXACTLY what you will have decided to no longer experience.

You see.

There is no reason.
None at all.
Not one.
In the entire world.


But there are a tonne of belief systems and limited thinking that you’ve been lumped with throughout your life that tell you that you must.


You get to choose to not take that on board.

That’s someone else’s stuff.
That’s someone else’s burden.

You don’t need to accept it.
You don’t need to claim it.
You don’t need to carry it around.

As your own.

Imagine for a second… A minute… An hour.

That you did CHOOSE TO DECIDE to put yourself first.

That you did CHOOSE TO DECIDE to be the most important person in your world.

That you did CHOOSE TO DECIDE that getting to be, do and have those things you want, need and desire is critical to your life, to you happiness and your safety, to your success and to the very beingness of your self, of your life!

And that by CHOOSING TO DECIDE to do this every single day and in every single way… Always.


Imagine that then:

You actually truly believed that you are worthy.
You actually truly believed that you are deserving.
You actually truly believed that you are enough.

Exactly as you are.
As the person you are — right now.
That your ISness is perfect as it is.

Imagine that:

You actually started truly giving shit about yourself. That you loved yourself inside and out. That you loved everything about yourself.

You actually started showing up and living your life as the person you have always wanted to be be.

That you get to go out every single day and claim all the stuff that you have always wanted to be, do and have.

Imagine that:

You actually started doing business in a way that set your soul on fire.

That every day you had shit-tons of fun and enjoyed what you were doing, who you were helping and how you were doing that.

That you got paid to be yourself and that your soulmate clients happily and excited paid your asking price so they would get to work with you.

That being the multi-6-figure entrepreneur you dreamed of was no longer a dream…. That it was your truth. Your reality..

Imagine that:

You actually knew that every day you would get to be excited, high vibe, happy, accomplished, fulfilled.

That you were loved, respected, appreciated and supported in all areas of your business and life. That you felt complete. Liberated. Free. Loved.

And imagine that:

You no longer felt the need to play down and sacrifice the things you wanted to be, do and have.

That your every desire was satisfied and your every need was met.

Imagine that in the depths of your soul you no longer:


That self-loathing, worthlessness, not enoughness and a lack of deserving were simply distant memories for you. Things of the past.

Imagine that you never again had to carry around the weight of:

Silent rage

Imagine that you no longer felt:



How light you would feel.
Inside and out.

And now, gorgeous one, I ask you…

Have you had enough yet?
Are you going to stop yet?
Are you going to put yourself first yet?

Are you ready?…

To do whatever it takes?
To ride the waves?
To discover what life is really like on the other side?

Love, Truth & Badassery,
Remember… You Have One Life. Hit The F*ckin’ Button!

✨Queen of the Multiple 6 Figure Mindset✨

P.S. Now it’s your time gorgeous.

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