Why Building An Online Business Doesn’t Have To Suck

Literally Everything You Need To Know In One Video To Start An Online Freelance Business Correctly And Start Booking Clients Right Away

Me When People Complain About Getting Started….Rawrrrrrrrrrr

If you could accelerate your growth by taking action, would you?

In my experience getting started is the most powerful action you can take. But if you’ve ever tried to start a project you know taking action isn’t easy.

Let me ask you this,

‘As a freelancer have you ever avoided doing something because you were afraid of getting started?’

If you are a freelancer just getting started you know how hard it is to get the first clue on what to do to get started.

Why Getting Started Is Hard

It sucks getting started. It feels like everything is holding you back, that everything that can go wrong will, and that you are just running in place. This is why most people never get started.

As a freelancer you want to pull the trigger but every time you start to something goes wrong. You read a blog post that makes you anxious, your profile gets turned down by Upwork, or a dozen other things.

I’ve been there. You are itching to make more money, learn something new, or leave your career but the fear you will fail as a freelancer holds you back. Your vision narrows so all you see are bad clients, your family laughing at you behind your back, and more. I went through the same emotions at the start of my blogging career.

Why Getting Started Accelerates Talent

I was a terrible writer at first. I didn’t know what to blog about. I kept telling myself I’d brainstorm and then publish the week after. The thing is the week after never came. I kept pushing it back until nearly a year went by. It took me a whole year to get started.

No surprise, when I started the blog sucked. My posts were packed with grammatical errors, my writing was hurried, my point unclear, and I didn’t know anything about SEO so my traffic was limited. Here’s the thing…I didn’t stay bad. Every week I leaned into the discomfort and put out something new. Every post got a little better. Every article I learned something new, made less mistakes, and my writing got better. Six months later LiveGoldRich was born.

How Getting Started Changed My Life

Starting LiveGoldRich changed my life. It led me to sell my last business and transition to working online full time. Without LiveGoldRich I would have never gone to Rome, Lima, Cusco, Bar Harbor, Reykjavik, and more. I would have missed out on so much just because I was afraid of getting started.

(Next year I am going to lay out the how you can start a blog and accelerate your growth, even if no one you knows reads it.)

LiveGoldRich brought me:

*New freedoms
 *Introductions to amazing people (both online and in real life)
 *Serious deep personal growth
 *And more.

I want the same for you. That’s why i’m bringing you everything you need to instantly get started as a freelancer right away.

The Freelancer Quick Start Video Guide

I did a live presentation last week for Excel With Business. In it I detailed everything you need to:

  • Start Your Freelancer Career On The Right Foot 
    *Pick The Niche Of Your Choice 
    *Write Proposals That Get You Booked 
    *Charge What You Are Really Worth
    *And Escape The Feast And Famine Cycle

They were nice enough to record the presentation and send me a copy to upload. The video is 50 minutes long and is three parts.

Part One:This part covers how to get started as a freelancer. You’ll learn how to pick your niche if you don’t have one, how to identify the right people to send proposals to, and how to instantly get testimonials if you don’t have any.

Part Two:Here I cover everything you need to know to write proposals that get you booked.

Part Three:Here I share multiple ways you can increase contract size and create referral machines that keep you booked solid for months at a time.

Get Your Freelancer Quick Start Video Tutorial Here

If you have any questions you’d like answered about getting started, freelancing for a living, or how to write proposals that get you booked be sure to save them. I am scheduling FB live hangouts later in the month and I’ll answer your questions live then!

Originally published at livegoldrich.com on November 8, 2017.