Why I Am Not Fearing 40

I️ turn 40 years old in just a couple of short weeks. A lot of people seem to get depressed around milestone birthdays but this is not really phasing me that much, if anything I️ am excited.

I️ already have the grey hairs and facial hair so what’s to fear?

I️ was hoping to drop 30 lbs before the big day but now I️ have a strong goal to tackle in the new year.

I️ work with a ton of millennials and turning 40 must seem light years away for most of them, but that is OK. While I️ don’t feel that much older than them most days, it is a good reminder of how much experience I️ hold. I️ have been through almost every career situation (also why I️ have the grey hair). Nothing I could deal with today really surprises or scares me.

On days when I️ need extra inspiration I️ look at mentors like Arianna Huffington. Just this week she raised $30 million more in funding for Thrive Global. People think of entrepreneurship as a Millennial game but wise and brilliant people like her showcase the value of experience. She could have easily walked away after her smash success with The Huffington Post.

Sometimes I️ get frustrated with myself and how little time I️ have to create. I️ went through phases of thinking I️ was an entrepreneur (starting two companies), then thinking I️ was not one, and coming full circle to the realization that I️ will someday have my own business.

As a father of two beautiful babies four years old and under, a huge majority of my time Is spent caring for them with my amazing wife. And I️ have come to realize that is ok. Someday, I️’ll look back on this crazy circus with fondness that these were the best times of my life. I️ just need to multitask. For instance I️ am writing this on my phone while I️ draw the kids a tubby. It will be hours before the kids are asleep and my wife and I have had a chance to chat and then I can jump on the computer for an hour or half hour and do one of my favorite things in the world, just write.

So while I still feel like I have the maturity level of a 22 year old, I must accept the middle age world. I am excited for this second act or half. I may not have as much energy as I used to but I am still hungry and still have a lot to accomplish. I am no longer worried about being out of work, I know that I have marketing and communications skills that are unmatched. I have a lot of things that I want to build, but I don’t have to rush them, I still have plenty of time. This is going to be fun!