Why I Walked a mile For a Scoop of Ice Cream I Wanted to Eat a Month Ago

How many of us have midnight cravings?
You wake up in the middle of the night searching for something, anything to eat.
We rampage through the fridge, settle with a bowl of ice cream or some leftovers.
I get food cravings in the middle of the day, when I am happily sitting and doing my work. What do I do? Like any normal human I go on order it.

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Last month, I had an ice cream craving, not in the middle of the work in the city, but in a place where there’s still no proper network, and certainly no delivery service. I was not my usual self, I usually get what I want when I want it, this is the side effect of the all the automation and technology we developed.

The place I told you about. Aaruku Valley.

As a human habituated with satisfying wants immediately, I learned I have very little patience, and it only takes non availability of a scoop of ice cream to ruin my day. I missed Instant gratification when I lived there.

I thought I will forget it the other day,but my love for ice cream is too much to forget it. When I came back to the city after a week of missing my ice cream. I thought now I can have it,just book an uber,get on it, go to the place, and have it. That simple.

But my inner monologue went this way
Me to Me: “Everything is a learning opportunity, don’t just go on and eat it. Wait for it. Wait for a month.”
Me: “That’s too much, I can’t wait for a month.”
Me to Me: “Yes, You can!” “Yes, You will!!”

I counted days, but universe has this very sadistic sense of humor, every where I went I found something related to ice cream and chocolate, it’s like everywhere I look I found ice cream. Now I sound like I am in a romcom and ice cream’s my love.

I successfully patiently waited for my month to finish, and now when the day comes my mind says the exact opposite of what I want to hear.

Me to Me: “Don’t just go on the uber. WALK!”
Me: “Why are you making me do it?”
Me to Me: “ Because ……….Just Walk!”

So like always my other me won the argument and I started walking.
I picked the wrong time to walk. It was just after I finished my lunch and the sun was on the “My hottest day ever” phase. I was rethinking my choices walking through the traffics and crowded road. After so much of contemplating my decisions I have arrived at my sweet destination.

The moment came when I went straight to the man behind the counter, paid for my ice cream, waited for it to be mine.

And How do I feel now? I was too busy eating the ice cream that I forgot to observe how I felt when I took the first lick. Yes! I had it in a cone.

I don’t have a picture. Too busy eating it.

After finishing it like an animal rampaging through the hunt, I was at peace with myself. I burst in a loud laugh in the middle of the shop so hard that now I looked like a crazy cat lady, I don’t know why I felt happy. But I was happy, even elated. I was so happy to have a scoop of chocolate ice cream after a month of waiting for it, and walking 1.6 km one way trip.

What did I learn?

Wait for what you want. The taste will be even sweeter.
Everything in life requires patience and consistency, I waited day after day patiently never lost my love for ice cream, I was consistent with my craving.

Now I apply this whenever I get a chance, I don’t have splurges, I don’t have cravings.
This helped me save more and spend on things I really need.

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