Why Living Your Truth Requires Balance

Masculine vs Feminine Energy

This week I have been thinking a lot about masculine vs feminine energy. I believe male or female, we definitely have within us the ability to tap into either kind of energy. For example, taking care of the kids and the home is generally considered a more feminine energy. While climbing the corporate ladder would generally be a more masculine energy. When I worked my 9–5, I was an accountant and spent many years working as a CFO. I didn’t realize it at the time, but now I see that I was spending the majority of my time in a more “masculine” energy rather than the feminine. Part of that was due to trying to climb the ladder, but it also included lots of feelings around needing to be just as good or better than my male counterparts.

I believe that living for so long in that masculine energy was a large part of why I was so unhappy and unhealthy. You see, I never really turned it off I stayed in that energy 24–7. I was never far from my phone and even on vacation I checked in and worked each day. You can read more on that story here.

When I quit my 9–5 in 2016, I turned that masculine energy off. In fact, I don’t think I’ve tapped into it again until just last week. You see, I found it so freeing to just be me. To no longer strive to fit into the mold that was set for me or to measure up to those around me. I loved the fact that I could just be and I never wanted to be back there in that constant masculine energetic space. I love the ease I feel just living in the feminine.

That changed last week. I have a part-time job as a caregiver for my best friend’s mom. She has quite a few medical issues and has medical appointments every single week. I get reimbursed for mileage; however, I was given misinformation my first day about what forms to use for mileage. I was told that I would turn in ALL mileage on the same form. Last week, I received a letter telling me that I needed to turn in medical mileage separately to a different organization. I called and got the standard apology along with “we can’t help you”. Yikes. That wasn’t the news I wanted to hear and I found myself feeling an energy that I haven’t felt in a while. I actually turned into that Sherry that my former employees used to dread to see. I was like NO! That answer is not good enough. I firmly spoke my mind and demanded that this situation get fixed. While it is ongoing, I know that I will do everything in my power to rectify the situation and hold people accountable so that I don’t lose out on my hefty mileage reimbursement.

What I began to see as I started working through this process was that I was tapping into the side of me that totally “gets things done”. This is the side of me that can move a mountain, save a company, and achieve big goals. I call it my fierce side. The side of me that knows, win or lose, I gave it my all and did it to the best of my ability.

What I also saw was that the day I quit that 9–5 job, I turned that off. I chose to be the “kinder, gentler, more feminine Sherry”. I have so enjoyed simply allowing myself to be who I am and feel what I feel. I’ve enjoyed the sensation that I’m not striving to measure up.

But the trouble with turning off my masculine side is that it has kept me from tapping into my ability to move mountains. After going through this experience, I have found that the masculine side of me still exists and it can take me to levels of passion and commitment that I feel I’m missing while living in just the feminine. No, I don’t want to go back to living in a totally masculine energy, but I have found that there is a place for it. It does belong in my life and I am excited to see what unfolds for me as I live in a more balanced place. A place where I allow the kinder gentler Sherry to rule, but where the masculine still comes through to spark the passion and drive that I need to get to the next level.

It goes back to what I teach and what I believe and what I envision for all the women whose lives I touch. It is a matter of balance. We shouldn’t turn off any part of ourselves, because that leads to an imbalance. That imbalance can cause us unhappiness, poor health, money problems and so much more.

Are you living almost exclusively in your masculine or feminine? Check in with yourself. Are you happy? Do you feel out of balance? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Sherry Parks is a Wellness Coach who helps career women escape feeling trapped and out of control in their work life, so that they are happy on their own terms and have joy and excitement for their life. Grab her Free PDF, Top Tips for Successful Food Cleansing, here.

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