Why Renewal is Necessary for Productivity

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Renewal includes rest, reflection, and recovery. In making yourself “new,” you focus on replenishing elements of yourself that you have spent in pursuing your goals.

Oftentimes productivity will come at the cost of us taking care of ourselves, but it doesn’t have to. The fact is that most people focus on being busy, instead of achieving their ends.

In this respect, they spend their willpower and mental energy by focusing on all that needs to be done, instead of the next step. This counteracts productivity.

Take actionable steps to engage in renewal.

If you are especially interested in setting resolutions, focus on how to reach milestones in your overarching goals.

Develop a regular ritual and practice that keeps you engaged in what you are presently doing. And work on it.

Do the work to make it manifest, but consciously build in time and space for reflection, introspection, and renewal, so that you may recharge your batteries, and be even more efficient in your pursuits.

While setting resolutions to make great gains, it is important to build time for recovery in. Pursuits are what keep us moving.

We are motivated and even resolved to take action to create the lives we want. We sign-up for challenges to have other people keep us accountable, and make investments that we hope will hold us accountable as well.

In all of our efforts to grow and be, we tend to forget that recovery is essential to growing those goals as much as ourselves.

Photo credit: 123RF

Renewal and recovery are more than rest.

Recovery is not just sleep and rest. It is unwinding. Recovery requires you to rebuild and reconstruct yourself. This means you make a decision to create time and space for yourself, and to enhance your well-being.

Renewal means taking time away from screens, and living in the moment. It includes being present with your family and friends, and enjoying the time that you are spending.

Taking time out and spending time with yourself is an act of self-love. It affirms your worth to believe that you are valuable enough to not run yourself into the ground.

Taking moments to affirm yourself, and to create reflection means engaging with who and where you are. This is necessary to build up a self that flourishes, one that is productive, and one that helps you complete resolutions instead of languishing.

Originally published at www.grindingout.com.