When you slow down, everything else speeds up!

Have you ever noticed that when you slow down key aspects of your life speed up?

It is a dichotomy I know, but it is also a truth.

I see it often, the passion that drives us forward can turn into desperation to succeed and the distort further into burn out.

Entrepreunerial passion is what gets us (entrepreneurs) up and out of bed every morning, it is what makes our souls sing. After all, it is the momentum that allows us to give birth to our greater purpose, that offering we have within us to make the world a better place. It inspires us and (we hope) our clients to move towards greatness, fulfilment, success, to move towards being the best that we can be.

Yet this passion if not balanced can lead to burn out, and quickly.

Let me share a little of my own story with you. I’ve worked for myself for about 20 years. I’m pretty unemployable, a maverick, I don’t even have a ‘box’ to think outside of. My mind is quick, sharp and super intuitive, and my inner world, self talk and mind chatter can be overwhelming.

I launched my online presence in 2015, this felt very brave as I had spent the last few years hiding away in my healing practice attached to my home. A little bit like a hobbit in a hole. Only people who knew me or were referred to me found me. Yet I was feeling a push to make a difference on a larger scale.

Being visible was a challenge. I am an introvert. www.16personalities.com say I am an INTJ-Architect, only 0.8% of the female population fall within this classification and to quote 16personalities I am “imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, amazingly curious, but I don’t squander my energy” and my biggest challenge is expressing emotion within relationships, they are bang on right about me!

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Being seen online means connecting with others and that means expressing emotions, sharing my journey and creating relationships. So you can imagine my inner turmoil when I first waved my flag of Sarah and started talking about who I was and why I had something to share.

Yep, all the unhelpful limiting beliefs came rushing into my life, jostling for position. The main one being “you’re not good enough for this”. This pushed me to prove I was good enough, that I could succeed and that no matter what I was going to show ‘them’.. I meant me, that I could do it.

So I pulled up my big girl pants and set up online, all brash and loud, well, as brash and loud as a girl from South London in the UK could be. And very soon, I started to have results. People liked what I had to say, my clients came towards me, one by one, but I wanted them to come a lot more than that, two by two or ten by ten, yet they didn’t. What was wrong? I couldn’t work it out… and I, was getting more and more overwhelmed. A victim of my own inner world. You see, I was trying to prove I could do everything myself. Control freak, me!? Absolutely, every time.

I was in a steep learning curve, not only learning how to talk about my passion for my work and why it could help so many other entrepreneurs out there, but also learning how to market my business, how to brand it, how to set up email responders, how to work Facebook’s ever changing algorithms, how to create effective advertising and opt-ins, and sales pages and, and, and, as well as have a personal life, be a mother, a daughter, a sister, a lover and a friend. WHEW! I was going 100 miles an hour, sometimes a bit faster than that. So fast that I was ignoring my body’s whispering message, the signs that my physical body was tired, that my energetic self needing resourcing and that my inner world needed some time to just be and integrate and evolve.

“I’m only human after all” said the Rag’n’Bone Man in his lyric, and this is certainly true for me. I was deep into my search for success, that I didn’t feel the distortion of my energy, I didn’t feel it turn in on me, I didn’t notice until I got to the place of exhaustion, then everything stopped. I was actually being very unkind to myself. That inner voice that I mentioned earlier in this blog, the one that said “you’re not enough to do” also likes to say “you have to work really really hard to prove that you are worthy of this”. Very unhelpful I know! But, something had to change.

I stepped away from the computer, I made a plan to delegate absolutely everything I could, and I spent two weeks, walking my dogs, meditating, journalling, deciding how I wanted my business to be. I leaned into the space and allowed my energy to centre, focus and calm.

Yes I wanted to help my clients, but that had to come from a place of personal resource. I came first, my energy, my inner world were more important than anything else, otherwise my clients only got a little bit of me, the rest was spread too thin trying to do everything else.

So I employed a VA (thank God for her!), a website designer and manager (an absolute gem), a social media expert (couldn’t do with her), a PR consultant (halleluyah!), a cleaner, a dog walker, a personal trainer, a nutritionist, my own mentor and coach, and will continue to hire those I feel I need to help me show up to the best of my ability.

It was a big lesson, one well learned. When you slow down you speed up!

If you’re struggling with your own focus, check out my free meditation on focus and clarity here!


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