Why This Sales Coach Teaches Meditation, Breathing Techniques and Visualization As Part of His Sales Coaching

Stan Way on the importance of meditation, breathing and visualization in sales.

Sales can be a very exhausting profession physically, emotionally and mentally even for those who are good at it and are successful. Most sales professionals get hired based on commissions rather than a fixed pay which makes them go hard at their work by talking to prospects all day. Few prospects are easy to deal with but those who had a bad experience with sleazy sales professionals in the past will treat them in a bad way and drain their energy. Yet, sales professionals have to maintain their energy levels high, all the time by staying positive and closing more sales.

The average company spends $10K — $15K hiring an individual for sales and only $2K a year in sales training. 55% of the people making their living in sales don’t have the right skills to be successful. Businesses that do well understand that investing in training their sales team will help improve the company’s closing ratio and their team’s skill level. Sales coaches are hired by companies all around the world who are qualified to train their sales staff and help them in achieving their targets.

I had the opportunity to interview Stan Way, who trains sales teams and individual sales professionals to maximise their sales results. He has worked with corporations like AT&T, Verizon, Torchmark and also other Fortune 100 companies. He is known to improve the closing ratio by double digits in a short period of time.

Stan’s sales training methods are unique and different from others, he says “I teach a lot of psychological techniques and I help sales professionals connect with people on a deeper level. I also teach sales professionals meditation, breathing techniques and visualization because they have to be in the right mindset to sell something.”

I asked how these techniques can help sales professionals become good at sales to which he answers “Meditation, Breathing techniques, and Visualization helps people change their thoughts and become much calmer. This will, in turn, change their feelings which is actually very important when you talk to the prospects. When you feel good, you tend to listen more to the prospects and guide them in the right direction. It also gives you great energy for the whole day and makes you more active”

He suggests that sales professionals should stop being pushy and focus on adding value to the customer by listening to them. He says that “Sales is not just a numbers game anymore. Businesses these days have outdated sales processes and haven’t changed them relevant to the current times where customer service is of prime importance”. He adds that “Back then, for a specific product or service there were not many service providers to choose from, but now, a customer has various options, you have to connect with people on a deeper level to convert them as customers from leads.”

Stan got into Insurance sales at the age of 21 and started his sales career. Within 3 months, he has hit 6 figures selling life and health insurance. He then left insurance sales and became a sales trainer to work for Fortune 500 companies where he helped them with sales and trained their staff.

Sales is often perceived as being pushy and trying to sell something for the commission that sales professionals get, Stan wants to change that impression of sales. Stan says that “I have a very different sales approach. Sales is simply helping others and adding value to them. Sales professionals help businesses and people live a better life. When I talk to a prospect, I first listen to their needs and help them by adding value and show them the right direction. If I feel that I could be of their help, I explain clearly how I operate and help them with their sales process”

Stan did door-door sales, insurance sales, spoken and sold on stage, webinars etc. He has helped all kinds of businesses with their sales process. Stan is on a goal to change the perspective of the world regarding sales and believes that the sales processes of the companies around the world have to be changed.