Quinta Oasis In Ecuador

Why TODAY is the most productive day of 2018

even though it’s still 2017

I’m sitting at my desk looking out over the Pacific Ocean. Earlier today I took a walk with my dogs around the property and just drank in all the work I did in 2017. The breeze was coming up the hill making the palm trees sway. My dogs were alongside of me, playing and keeping me company.

2017 was a year of blood, sweat and tears — and I don’t mean that in a negative way. Sitting on the top step of the building which will eventually be my apartment I considered…

Milestones for 2017…

Started my writing practice consistently writing every day and publishing somewhere (online guest posts, my own blogs, articles for Thrive Global and Medium)

Sold almost everything I own and moved to Ecuador (yup, did that) to complete Quinta Oasis

Increased my online savvy by finally writing an online marketing plan

Took three online courses to increase my business knowledge and my personal development

Created two online courses — 10 Lessons On Being Fierce and Superwoman CEO™ and sold over $25K in courses

Did three guest speaking gigs (one in Spanish) that got my audience (and me) excited and motivated about leadership for women and entrepreneurship

Finished the Quinta mini-suites, began the landscaping, constructed an outdoor patio bar and kitchen area (still in progress) and put in a pool at Quinta Oasis (ergo the blood, sweat and tears)

Dealt with the death of my mother who I adored and rekindled my relationship with my brother which had been broken

Watched my son grow into his creativity producing his own music, photography and art — and getting paid for it.

Released old work and relationships that no longer serve me, which opened the door to a deeper self-inquiry about who I’m becoming and my work in the future

So why is today the most productive day of 2018?

Because until you take inventory of what has been going on for you this past year, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to reflect on what you envision is for 2018.

You’ll go into default mode and drift, passively waiting for life to happen to you.You don’t need a day long strategic planning session to do this.

You need silence…

Taking a walk may not seem productive but I assure you I wouldn’t be sitting here writing to you if it were not.

You have to pause and take in your achievements, your failures, your wins and your losses.

You can’t keep climbing without taking in the view or you’ll lose your way.

Give yourself a pat on the back and a hug; despite some missteps “you done good”. Don’t forget it.

You tend to focus on the mistakes; we all do. Learn from them, use them to do better the next time and move on.

Today go for a walk or sit by the fire with a journal or do whatever you need to do in order to intentionally get some quiet time to reflect on 2017. Don’t wait until the rush of the holidays when so much of your energy and attention is swept away by festivities, events and business organization.

Do your strategic plan for 2018 — but do it AFTER you’ve done the inner work that connects you to your purpose and mission. That way when you’re doing your plan you’re focused on what really matters.

What do you want to create in 2018? In your career? In your business? For your family and relationships?

Start today by quietly taking stock of your 2017 milestones, without judgment, simply notice and accept and appreciate that you are growing every day you consciously engage your life and work.

And that’s always an achievement.

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