Why Today Is the Perfect Day to Start Something New

You can keep justifying putting off your next project, or you can take control and start today.

Charlie Gilkey
Jan 22, 2019 · 2 min read

Whenever we’re thinking about the day to start something new, we often let the calendar guide our decision about when to get going. “Next week” or “next month” is always when the diet, exercise, budgeting, or creative exploration makes sense to start.

And it’s not just the next week or month — it’s a particular day like the 1st or a Monday. Those days, we have determined, are the Days to Start Something New, capitalized because they’re as hallowed as other capitalized holidays.

Of course, what happens is that we decide that we’ll wait until the Day to Start Something New to start those new projects, but when those actual days roll around, life, the unfinished stuff of yesterday, and the urgency spiral link up like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and smash our plans and hopes to bits. Unlike the Power Rangers, they do not wait until the end of the episode to work us over — we know before the Day to Start Something New that it’s not going to happen.

In response, we often add another few bullet points of justification to the negative stories we tell ourselves and decide that we need to wait until the next Day to Start Something New to try again or give up because, obviously, it wasn’t meant to be. Wait, rinse, and repeat.

It sounds absurd when written out, but be honest with yourself: how much of your life have you spent waiting for the next Day to Start Something New? How many projects have you stalled on because you missed your sacred start date?

Time is arbitrary in so many different ways. The 1st of the month is a human artifice, as is Monday and New Year’s Day. As is whatever date Day to Start Something New falls on for you.

That also means that today can be your Day to Start Something New. That 30-day habit streak can start today just as well as the 1st. Your week to get something done can start on a Thursday as well as on a Monday. Tomorrow is the next best starting day, as long as ‘tomorrow’ isn’t your own code word for “never.”

Life is short enough as it is. Don’t spend what few days you have waiting for the arbitrary Day to Start Something New when that day can be today.

Charlie Gilkey is an author, business advisor, and podcaster who teaches people how to start finishing what matters most. Click here to get more tools that’ll help you be a productive, flourishing co-creator of a better tomorrow.

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