Why Vegans Smell as Good as they Feel

Thriving good health is simply irresistible.

You probably already knew that vegans were sexy, but did you know they smell sexy too?

Without a doubt, the yummiest-smelling partners I’ve ever had have all been vegans. Each has had a unique, soft, and utterly delicious natural fragrance. Never pungent or harsh — just sexy as hell.

Once I was resting outside after a walk when an attractive vegan came and sat down next to me. When I caught a whiff of him, I felt an intense sensual response come over me.

You see, the smell of thriving good health is simply irresistible.

Body odor, when it comes from healthy, plant-based humans, isn’t gross. Quite the opposite. And I wouldn’t be a best-selling plant-based nutritionist if I didn’t have the science to prove it!

A scientific study put seventeen men on a meat-full or meat-free diet for two weeks. During that time, they wore extra clothing to increase their body odor and special pads in their armpits to “collect” it.

Stranger things have happened in the name of science.

After the two weeks were up, thirty women were brought in to smell the fresh pads. They rated the odor samples based on “masculinity,” “pleasantness,” “intensity” and “attractiveness.”

Then the researchers repeated the study, just changing which men were on which diet. The same women were again brought in after two weeks to assess their “body odor attractiveness.”

You can probably guess the results:

The men on the non-meat diet were consistently judged to have the more attractive, masculine, and pleasant body odor. The meat-eaters were judged to have a more intense, less pleasant one.

Science confirms: vegans really are sexier! Surprised?

What about you? Have you noticed any difference between your meat-eating and non-meat-eating partners? Please share your observations in the comments.


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