Why We Love Primary Food (And You Should, Too!)

It don’t matter how many green juices you drink or super foods you eat if you have not taken care of your primary food you will “never” be truly healthy.

My time at Integrative Institute of Nutrition (IIN) I learned there are two types of food. Primary and secondary food.

Primary food: Health Relationship, Spiritually practice, Passionate work, and Exercise

Secondary Food: Food on your plate that you eat.

You and I can both agree we know many people that go to gym everyday but they are full of stress, have no mindset, and overall their life pillars are not in place.

“You could go to the gym every day and still not be healthy.”

- Bertrand Ngampa #BFiT

Examples of Primary Food

Health Relationships: Have you ever been intune with someone that the conversation is sooo good you forget about everything else in life and your only focus is the person before you? Think back on the time of your 1st date with your spouse or significant other. Remember that feeling you got when that person you secretly had a crush on in grade school would talks to you?

(P.S A healthy relationship is full of acceptance for who you are at that moment, no judgment but you are held accountability.)

Spiritual practice: Have you ever been at your place of worship or the house of your God, Gods, and or Goddesses and you are on a “spiritually high” that you feel as if you have been elevated and at that moment everything else fades away?

(A church is not the only place to find God. I found God 2000ft in the sky before I jumped a C-17. Airborne!)

Passionate Work: Have you ever been doing an action that aligns with your views to the t that you would rather see the action to completion before taking a break.

(Example for the example: Mission trip, talking with “homeless” people, and part-time hustle. Till this day I remember going on a mission trip to North Carolina and I met this little girl named Hope. Even though she had “nothing” she was the happiest little girl in the world. Myself and my group didn’t even take a break the whole time and always worked through lunch.)

Exercise: After a hard workout that leaves you exhausted and pushed beyond your limits. You start to think about your life in a deeper way. Nothing matters beside laying there and just breathing!

(That is what Day 1 is like for all my training clients. My training causes them to dig deep and push themselves pass their excuses and their “I can’t do anymore” mindset.)

From all these examples, I hope you could relate or had similar situations in your life occur.

Results in your Soul pillar start with your Primary food, not your Secondary food.

-Bertrand Ngampa #BFiT

Let’s touch on Secondary food. Remember Secondary food being food on your plate.

1. Listen to your body

a. So, important, we have lost touch with our bodies. Your body will tell if you eat something that it agrees or disagree with.

Example: Animal dairy makes many people get upset stomach, bloating, and acne after eating it. They know it and continue to eat it instead of finding an alternative or eliminating it from their life.

2. Eat real food

a. Limit processed and package food. Eat food that is normally found in natural or close to it. Use your stove top more and microwave less.

3. Eat for your Insides

a. Take care of the inside of your body and give it all it needs to function and you will reap the benefits on the outside of your body.

Primary Foods help us to enjoy secondary food, but we should always focus to feed our Primary Food 1st.

Have you feed your Primary Food Today?

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