Why Your Mental Health Is Your Biggest Asset from Rising Canadian Entrepreneur Brysen Johnson

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health

Source: Brysen Johnson

The world is becoming more aware of the growing issues of mental health among many age groups. From young teens to elderly adults, everyone can be affected by a mental health struggle.
 Brysen Johnson is the bestselling author, speaker and online marketing strategist who also has his own podcast talking about mental health. He began his podcast in late September of 2017 to open the conversation about mental health. “Although I love business, advocating for mental health is one of my biggest passions,” Brysen says. Having a sibling who deals with a mental health struggle is one of Brysen’s biggest inspirations. 
 Brysen advice “many people forget about how important their mental health really is. They get stuck in their day to day activities, never giving themselves a break to relax and take time for themselves. Self-care is the best thing you can do for your mental health, taking time for yourself and doing something you enjoy plays a huge impact in improving your day to day mental health”.

Mental Health Is as Important as Physical Health

For some, mental health can be an everyday battle that seems to never end. Brysen faced many challenges as a young man, dealing with bullying for most his youth that led to a lot of mental health struggles. “For me, using my podcast allows me to help those that need a leg up in their day, while also offering a platform for people to share their own stories to help others in need”. A lot of people focus on physical health as an important part of your everyday routine but still cannot see the importance of improving your mental health.
 In business, many people deal with forms of mental health illness that play a factor in their everyday life. The burden of running a company can be a lot to handle for any one of us, and a weight can be set on a CEO’s shoulders who is responsible for many people’s livelihood.

Share Your Story

One of the most important things Brysen says he ever did was allow himself to open up about his past. “By sharing my story, I allowed myself to be free of the demons I held inside for so long”. By sharing your story, you’re giving other people the opportunity to gain strength knowing they’re not alone in their battle. As Brysen says, “share your pain to give other people strength”. 
 Surround yourself with people who respect and care about you. One of the biggest mistakes every one of us makes is choosing to spend time with the wrong people. By surrounding ourselves with those who truly care about our well-being, we have the opportunity to share more of our struggles in a comfortable nonjudgmental environment. And finally, if you are truly struggling with your mental health, seek professional help. There is no shame in asking for help, and there are many organizations who offer one on one peer support to give you a safe place to share. You do not have to be alone in your fight.