Why You’re Not Manifesting Your Desires

‘Your mindset routine isn’t enough, and you could be missing one key ingredient.’

When you think different, you believe and act differently and get different results.

But most of our thought patterns were created when we were just children. And those thought patterns are habits that aren’t that easy to change for most. They make it harder to stay positive, high vibe and in action mode. They impact us on a cellular level whether we know it or not.

That’s why most people are on a journey to self-improvement. It’s the billion-dollar industry that will never die because everyone has one thing or another to get over, recover and heal from. We’ve all been through something or are going through something.We all fight demons upstairs, some bigger than others.

Those deep-rooted negative beliefs built neural pathways in your brain and have become the norm unless you tackle them.

So, if you’re reading this, odds are you do some kind of mindset work already: journaling, praying, meditating, affirmations, etc. And, if you’re anything like me, you’ve tried it all. Sometimes consistently and sometimes when you felt called to. But the point is you’re self-aware enough to know you need it, so you’ve done what you had to.

What I’ve found in my dozen or so years of working with businesses, entrepreneurs and leaders across the globe is that there always seems to be one key component missing to reach heights where manifestation in life, businesses and relationships comes easily: a deliberate and timely change in your state.

You do the affirmations on paper, on your phone and in front of the mirror. When you feel inspired to journal, you write until your hand hurts. And, you try to address your limiting beliefs.

But the truth is that the good thoughts wear off. You want to act as if everything you want is already done, but you’re not feeling it. When you visualize, you don’t really feel it like you’re “supposed to.”

All of your mindset work feels redundant and useless because you don’t feel it in your bones. You don’t truly believe it with your entire being.

But when you discover how to really feel it by changing your state on demand, you unlock the key ingredient to the manifestation recipe. It’s not easy, and you’ll need to utilize daily because it is a conscious choice you will have to make to connect what’s happening in your mind with what your body is feeling.

Anyone can say they want something and say that they will act as if it’s already theirs, but few are able to physiologically sync those happy thoughts and feelings. And that’s where the secret to manifesting lies.

When mindset mastery and physiology make love, your new reality is born.

To do that, you must master your state. You have to stop ignoring those times when you realize that you’re not all in with what you want and you keep going anyway. If you know you’re grumpy and crummy, don’t just ride through the journaling and affirmations.

Don’t expect your mindset work to work if you’re only doing half the work. (Man, that’s a lot of works.)

Do something drastic and radical with your body and mind to change the state you’re in. Everyone’s physiology is different because what works for you may not work for someone else. But here are the top things you can do to almost instantly change the state you’re in and truly manifest:

- Sex

- Exercise

- Nature

- Freedom (road, air, water)

- Change of scenery

- Do something fun

The point of you doing something drastic and radical is to break the thought patterns keeping you from fully feeling what you want and making it a reality. When you’re in that new state, meditate on what it is you want to manifest. Journal at a park, on a sailboat or right after sex, for example. Change the way you feel when you co-create while you’re co-creating.

It sounds easy doesn’t it:

1) You find a way to make yourself happy by doing things that bring on the happy feelings,

2) You focus on what you want to manifest while you’re happy

If it was so easy, though? Everyone would be doing it, and the world would be a better place. It’s not that easy, and it does take practice and consistency. Would you want to have what you want or settle for what you can get?

Mindset work is about taking control of your thoughts and beliefs. Being cognizant of your state is about taking control of what your body is doing while you’re trying to re-train your mind.

True manifestation is the marriage of the mind and body working consciously together for what you want. When you tune what you’re trying to manifest into the feelings of raw, real excitement, happiness, satisfaction (whatever it is you need to get there) inside your mind and body, you become limitless.

Vanessa Rende is a Wife, Mom of Boys, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Writer at www.VanessaRende.com. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected.