Will I Be Replaced By A Robot?

Probably, but they can’t do this one thing.

Will I?

Be replaced by a robot?



Why trust a human doctor?


You could program a robot to say some compassionate stuff.

AI still doesn’t have a real heart.

Empathy still matters.

It counts for a lot in my estimation.

More than a lot.

Empathy is everything.

When it comes to depression, empathy is everything.

It took me a long time to embrace this myself.

To give myself permission to say, “empathy is everything.”

To live that way.

Doctor that way.

And be unstoppable no matter what happens.

Even if you’re a robot.

Microstep: Experience your heart-centered empathy today. Really feel it. You can do it and a robot can’t.

Originally published at drsteven.com.