Will Our Growth Last? Will We Thrive?

We’re in the money! (Or are we on a credit card?)

Economic growth, vitality and prosperity are surging everywhere in the world. China and India have been experiencing exploding growth. China appears to be well on the way to surpassing the U.S. as the largest economy in the world. What does the future hold and what will this growth mean to the different nations and societies, to the lives of their people? What will it mean to you and your progeny?

That will depend upon how the nations’ governments structure their systems.

The high-tech revolution, like the agricultural and industrial revolutions, will reshape civilization. Our new technology is making it so all of our needs for food and material goods can be produced with almost no human labor. Robo-sourcing and artificial intelligence will eliminate almost all of our traditional jobs, and outsourcing will make it so the remaining jobs go to the lowest bidders worldwide.

Our world has been changing at an increasingly accelerating blinding speed. Look how much it’s changed in the last 100 years. These changes I’ve described will be on us tomorrow.

So, what will happen?

In America, market rule and free enterprise have dominated the culture, especially in the last several decades. In societies where a tiny minority, less than 1%, own all the property and businesses, and those owners keep all the wealth for themselves, there will be fewer and fewer jobs to be had in private industry as we move forward in this new industrial revolution. Unemployment will surge. So many people will be competing for the remaining jobs that wages will dwindle for even formerly high-paying jobs. Millions will be living in poverty, unable to buy the goods produced. Those societies with systemic inequality will eventually collapse, consumer economies with no consumers. There will be millions of impoverished angry people and no infrastructure to maintain peace and prosperity.

In societies that organize themselves so that the profit from efficient production, due to robotics and artificial intelligence, is shared in a just fashion in the entire society, there will be an explosion of prosperity and social well-being. All functioning people will be contributing what they can to make the society great, rewarded in a fair manner so they can fuel the economy with their consumption. Imagine what would happen if a nation put millions to work at decent wages building roads, mass transit, national parks, hospitals and rebuilding cities. Imagine what would happen to the businesses selling them what they want. Those societies will grow in prosperity and strength, while those with systemic inequality will whither and die.

America has a choice. We could return to the Socialized Democratic Capitalism of the 1950’s, and truly make America great, or we can continue on our current path of a return to feudalism and serfdom, and make America burn and rot.

While the recent changes to the tax laws, trade rules and federal budget can create an immediate burst of economic activity here, it will be very short lived if we don’t have a viable plan long term. It will be like thinking you’re rich and going on a spending spree because you got a credit card. 
 We need to reverse our movement towards a plutocracy that will kill us. Get out and campaign and vote. Your future and your children’s lives depend on it.

Besides being a social and political activist, William Anderson is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who specializes in weight loss, eating disorders and addictions. He was an obese heavy smoker and workaholic until his early thirties, and burned out, but survived and changed direction. He changed in many ways, among them, losing 140 pounds permanently. Health, in a holistic way, is now his mission. He is the author of The Anderson Method of Permanent Weight Loss.
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