Willpower — The Key Of Success

A Story Of Little Champion Girl.

There is a will, there is a way, willpower is the greatest weapon — that’s an attitude describes the characteristics of this little girl, who is an example for various kids. Growing up from the ‘Orange City’ in Central India — Nagpur. There is Miss. Sanika Vinod Bhondekar - bright student during primary school days.

Sanika during district level skating tournament in June 2017

A closer look to her passion towards sports and achievements can inspire every individual. Apart from gaining good grades in academics at the age of 9 year, her school staff appreciating the zeal of passionate attitude as she involved in district level skating competitions.

Sanika during skating tournament in School

Looking at her courage and determination to move further, it is certain that the universe has a lot in store for her and perhaps, the best for her future! Not to deny, she had a great support from her parents, importantly from her mother — Mrs. Kalpana Vinod Bhondekar.

While receiving medal in district level tournament

She woke up with passion, faith in karma and an aim to excel in whatever She does. She started taking her passion quite seriously. Her courage has rewarded as she started seeing improvements in her life. Her interest towards Sports started to improve. She started to contribute in District Level Skating Tournaments under group of age 10. “ My interest towards sports molded me into what I am today.” There was a time, when people questioning me due to lack of daring & confidence, Skating is all about ‘playing without fears’. I have won two silver medals in district level competition and preparing for national level to gain gold medals in upcoming years, she says.

Sanika during May 2017 in school level skating tournaments

‘I too had own difficulties in school days to manage studies & skating. On the surface it all looks so smooth but I have gone through lot of pain to achieve. Only my family members would know that Sanika is a very passionate girl.’, Sanika recalls.

Sanika while holding medal & certificate in skating tournament at district level
Message by the Champion & passionate girl, Sanika Bhondekar:
If you want to become excellent in your life, then any sports in this world will enable the platform to think differently. Work hard towards your passion. Willpower is the key of success, you can open any difficult lock in the world.
Sanika with participants & school staff members in skating tournament