Image: Rachealgrace Adams

i have always had a tendency, in my Spockonian ways, to apply a logic filter to everything making for taking a pass at literal translations to song lyrics…

Of course it was the nine-year old me leaving the movie house and running home in the rain, shaking the water off of my head singing, “she loves you, yeah, yeah…” and years later imaging all rain purple and on another occasion looking for my answer — blowing in the wind!

This quirk or idiosyncratic processing made me a perfect candidate to begin my work with Dr. George Clinton on December 4, 1974. Although my first primary assignment with George was as photographer, he soon told me I was a writer…”right now about 10% of your shit (writing) is on the one and 90% bullshit, but if you keep at it you can flip the equation and be on the One 90% of the time…”

George used to come to my houses with little scraps of paper and we would word-smith them, as he would share his raw (always evolving) concepts and we would spin them…I would add words, reverse order, give translations into other languages, talk about the roots and intentions and eventually became one of his trusted interpreters…

George grabbed my arm on the way to backstage on two occasions after both Bible wavers and the Fruit of Islam created people walls on our pathway to the backstage entrances and opened a “door” when it was time to pass-through….”Woo, WTF is going on?”

Photo: ©1977 Diem Jones—Subject: George Clinton

…By the second occurrence I had figured it out…one of the popular titles, at the time, was “U Shouldn’t have Bit Fish.”

…with a hook attached to his mind and a line to his behind, Man is nuclear fishing!

When I told George that an interpretation of that line is,”If you don’t want fishy breath, don’t eat the fish!” He wasn’t impressed…then, I took it further…”that also says, if you don’t want to get Holy, don’t read the Good Book (Bible)!” This was a scary concept for George to digest…”No shit…I said that?”

My lesson from this encounter was the power of interpretation for an artist, as the intention of the creator can be totally on the other side of the road from an audience member’s reception of “the” message from your work…I learned that there are lessons to be learned from the responses and as an information gatherer and creator of various art-forms, I stay opened eared to responses…

…do you have one lately?

Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow

The answer is blowing in the wind….”smell my finger!”