Words Cannot Tell What The Ego Cannot Comprehend

Looking at these words of Ram Dass —

“Every religion is the product of the conceptual mind attempting to describe the mystery. Religions are founded by what mystics say when they come back. But what the mystics say is not the same as what happened to them”

inspired me to add this—

Words cannot tell that which the soul experiences in moments of transcendence.

Out of fear of not being in control — and in its role as protector — the ego mind attempts to explain — in the rational language of its limited ‘reality’ — what was experienced.

As time passes, man’s memory fades, and his ego mind language distorts the actuality to fit into the ‘reality’ language he knows.

And in the telling, he is unsuccessful, inaccurate, and incomplete.

But the telling is passed on. And, like the ‘Telephone’ game, all the ego minds that hear the telling do not hear it correctly, and continue to retell it even more inaccurately, increasing the distortion as time goes by.

But we have been conditioned to attach ourselves to the tellings we have been told. And soon, we come to believe the distortion to be The Truth.

And we name it Religion. We call it Spirituality. We declare it Historical Fact.

Through the mass ego minds’ forgetting and inability to use words to describe the Truth, while succumbing to their innate need for power, different subdivision ego mind groups develop throughout the earth, forming slightly different versions of the Truth.

Resulting in an evolution of mass Truth distortion, with worldwide ego mind groups defending their Truth, and the creation of Division, Judgement, Righteousness, Competition, Pain, War, Destruction of Resources, and Loss of Human Life.

The ego mind’s desire to be right, revered, and in control causes worldwide suffering and fear — and the ultimate cost of the original experience:

The Loss of Truth and Transcendent Experience.

Man has awakened and evolved enough to create the necessary balance between the ego mind and the higher conscious mind. The Soul’s Experience cannot be verbalized. It must be felt.

That is why it is called An Experience.

— The Gifted Ghostwriter

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