Work as a Spiritual Journey

Stacy Vajta
Feb 13, 2018 · 5 min read
Photo by Juliette Leufke on Unsplash

Yes, what you do for work matters.

But for a lot of people, work is a drain. They feel uninspired. It’s “just” what they do to pay the bills.

There’s an incredible amount of pressure and mental energy placed around work in our society. And there is an incredible number of people who long for work that feels more fulfilling… work that matters to them.

I think if you are on a spiritual journey, your work is your biggest spiritual teacher these days. The more conscious you become, the more your spirit is going to insist that you do something that is aligned with your heart.

Simply by being on your spiritual journey, you’re being asked to integrate what you do with who you are. That job that doesn’t mean anything to you, that doesn’t rock your boat, or is just what you do to make money will feel empty.

Yet when it comes to changing what you do and finding soulful work, it’s so easy to get stuck. You might doubt you can even have work in the world that feels important and also supports you. You might be at a loss as to what that is.

What’s missing.

There’s a funny thing that happens when you awaken to new ideas about yourself — when you stand on the precipice of a personal or spiritual up-leveling — what was, often no longer fits. It can be hard to know, though, where to begin to make a change that feels meaningful, especially when it comes to your work and what you do.

I think we’re faced with an epidemic these days around feeling disconnected to what feeds us energetically, emotionally and even spiritually.

Life is busy. The 9–5 grind — and I’m being generous on the average work day here — is sucking the life out of a lot of us. And whether you love your job or feel like it’s crushing your Soul, how you spend your time doing whatever you do can either feed you or take your down.

What is missing with so many of the people I work with is a soul-full connection back into their inner wisdom, their creativity, their energy, and even the magic that is all around them. And all of that needs to be given some space to support us even when we are at work.

Finding what you want.

Work is a huge part of our lives, and it is a big part of our spiritual journey — it’s how we often most express our purpose and passion. Work becomes the arena for many of us where we get to observe ourselves in action — how we show up to work, to our bosses, to the pressure, to the multitasking, and to our own personal power.

I think what becomes important in this soulful work discussion is to first take a good look at what you want. And for a lot of people that’s a challenge.

You may feel so bogged down and burnt out by what you’ve been doing, that it’s as though you don’t have the energy to fire up any sense of passion for what’s next. And that becomes a healing process in and of itself.

You might not be sure what you want because in some way you’ve been taught not to want or you feel like you’re undeserving. So, you may be staring at this big blank canvas and not knowing what’s next.

Work might be your spiritual teacher right now by showing you where your inner work is, in order to create a transition. Your personal and spiritual work is to then uncover your passion and figure out who you are, and then what you want.

Daily mindfulness.

You don’t have to be in a position of wanting to leave a job to see that your work is your teacher. There are hundreds of opportunities in the day that can show you how you chose to show up. You get to observe your patterns there, just as much as anywhere.

What can so easily happen is you get busy with work — with the tasks, with the busyness and the hustle in it all, that you forget about yourself.

There isn’t space in most people’s work day to stop and notice what they feel in the moment. So feelings get shoved down to hopefully get unpacked later. Most people, though, never get to unpacking them, and everything builds up until they’re burnt out and hating their job.

Linear thinking, staying busy, and pushing through to get to the next thing… and the next… is not how your spirit likes to operate. Finding the time to shift back into your heart to see your world through that lens is healing, especially with what happens 9–5.

Your work must be aligned.

What you do, whether that’s for work or play must be aligned with your spiritual growth. That means what you do, feeds your spirit. Aligned work lets you express your gifts and your knowledge. It lets you push into a bigger and better version of yourself over and over again.

If that’s not really happening for you right now, then your work is showing you where you’re out of sync with yourself.

Your work might be taking you on a journey to heal and transform so you leap into a version of yourself that knows you can indeed do what you know you are here to do… in a way that feels integrated with your life and spirit.

That journey doesn’t end when you get that wonderful job or you find what you are here to do. It begins then! Especially when you are in the work you are here to do, you’ll be pushed to grow… over and over because what you do will be intricately linked to who you are.

But that’s the journey.

So where are you in this?

Take a quick assessment of your work life. It begins with if you are happy with what you are doing. Does your work fulfill you? If not, there’s work to be done.

Are you feeling fully supported financially? Yes or no, your work is showing you where you’re at with your own abundance and prosperity.

Are you growing in your work or just coasting? Do you just show up, or do you contribute? Your spirit may be ready for you to step into your power in new ways. Your leadership skills may be put to the test where you can grow both personally and professionally.

Look to where things work and don’t work for you with work. And just for a moment, imagine that you can create work for yourself that will allow you to be more of who you are meant to be.

Are you willing to go on that journey?

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