WTF Guys? Women Deserve Better!

Send a message boys; we should be treating all women with the kindness and respect, period!

Scott Livingston
Thrive Global


No Matter Who, All Women Deserve Respect and Kindness

With all the recent news on the subject of some men’s abject disrespect of the female side of our race, I felt some manly self-reflection would be in order.

First up, guys, we need to celebrate women!

Without women, we men would not be on this earth.

They carry us in their womb for nine months, through all kinds of discomfort and unmentionables!

They give birth to us (arguably one of the most painful things any human can experience — sorry, scratch that, replace with “female human”), and they do it with the deepest sense of selflessness possible.

After all, any remote hint of selfishness would shut down the concept of bearing children in a heartbeat in any sensible human being (woman).

The gift of motherhood is the most selfless act, period!

Then they give up most, if not all of their personal consideration in order to support our growth through a period where, were we to be left alone we would surely not survive.

Endless nights of sleep deprivation, day after day of delivering the task of motherhood, never a question mark on “if” it should get done, only the knowledge that it “must” get done.

Dirty diapers, drool, puke, and every other form of nasty human excrement, are all taken in stride with no consideration of self.

Beyond this special status of motherhood, for which we all have one, is the fact that they are the yin to our yang.

They give us perspective.

They make us think……no, they make us feel!

Yes, even though many of the women we will encounter every day have not yet been mothers, all women still stand beside us in equal measure, a sort of counterbalance to our character.

Without women, I think we would all be stuck in this universe of “the quest for significance” and “the hunt for the next trophy”.

As it is, this often remains our focus, but they are here to smack us in the face every so often and make us connect with the feeling of living, the feeling of being alive.

Women are unique and impressive, they posses all the power and knowledge that we posses, but in a special package that allows them to empathize, sympathize, and consider far more than we often do.

Yes, there are many of us that are enlightened, and many of us that respect women in a manner that is worthy of their goodness.

And those of us who are in this category need to say something to those who are not.

There are men who disrespect women, treat them like objects of their desire, speak about them as though they can not hear, attack them as though they are a big game conquest!

Such men should be condemned.

These men are an embarrassment to all men.

These men need to spend some time in deep self-reflection.

These men need to spend time in the penalty box!

What are their ideals?

What do they truly stand for in life?

To acquire things! To gain significance! To be the man!

One woman represents just one of those acquisitions, one of the conquests of the multiple and ceaseless conquests of their life?

When are we going to stand up and condemn these men?

Make it clear that this kind of behaviour is just simply unacceptable.

More so, that anything short of the complete respect of the female species is just not acceptable.

Every human being deserves respect, and should be accorded care, kindness and consideration, for these are absolute truths.

Do onto others as you would have done unto yourself.

So why, when some men speak to women, is it done with deep contempt?

Why is it that some men see fit to cat call the women they see on the street, as though their opinion of her physical beauty is anyone’s business but themselves?

Worse yet is that they ogle that woman as an object.

They aren’t an object!

Their personal space is their personal space.

They must give you permission to enter it, and even when they do, if they should decide to revoke the privilege, it’s their right to do so!

This idea that “she deserved it!” or “she was asking for it” is the most arcane concept ever expressed by any sensible man.

It doesn’t matter what the behaviour was that lead up to the moment of indiscretion, we must remain under control of our “urge” to over-reach!

Their body is their body, not ours to acquire.

Their decisions and behaviours are their own responsibility, we must be in charge of our own decisions and choices, period!

Think about how you would want your mother treated.

That is how all women must be treated. There is no room for interpretation.

If you agree, you must speak up, the time has come for men to come together on the treatment of our better half, and insure that they are accorded the kindness and respect they deserve.



Scott Livingston
Thrive Global

Master Performance Pro, LYM Podcast ​​,, @Kingopain