Yes! Science Proves Weekly SEX Keeps You Young

A new study just released shows that sex keeps you younger. You already knew this? Now there’s scientific proof that sex changes the structure of your DNA.

We know that sex reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and reduces pain, as well as boosting your immune system. Now researchers have discovered that women who have sex on a weekly basis have longer telomeres.

Telomeres are structures on your DNA strand that affect how your cells age. These end “caps” prevent damage to your DNA strands that can happen during the aging process.

Longer telomeres are associated with a longer lifespan. To prevent breakage to your telemores? Have more sex.

Science proves it; creating a healthy, more fulfilling sex life can help you stay young and live longer. There are many ways to increase your sexual satisfaction; go to a couples retreat, see a sex therapist, try a sex date once a week. Try sleeping naked together at night. Read my book, “Getting the Sex You Want,” to help you practice the language you need to improve your sexual communication and increase the passion in your life.

And remember; science proves it, the secret to staying young is to have more sex!

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