Spring is Here: Share the Wonder!

Partake in the Beauty of Spring’s Renewal

It’s been a long and harsh winter.
Sickness, politics, and fear,
Have crushed many of us down.
But spring is coming to town
It’s time for new beginnings.
Join in as we celebrate
Renewal, hope and kinship.

Our ancestral mother earth
Is throwing a potluck party
And everyone is warmly welcome.
Nature puts on its spring tones
And is waiting for you to join.
Share with friends and followers
With hashtag #springneedsyou.

Date: March 20th onwards
Where: Your nearest park
Host: Gaia, Mother Earth goddess
Dress code: Spring hues
What to bring: A dish made with joy
RSVP: springneedsyou@gmail.com
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This post was inspired from Rainer Maria Rilke’s 1st Elegy: “The spring-times needed you deeply.” It was originally published at sylvieleotin.com on March 15, 2017.