You Are Not So Fragile As You Think

Be inspired by the real miracles of life. Here are just a few:

We can only fly in our dreams or machines, but we certainly can learn to appreciate beauty of both form and function.

The beautiful color of a peacock’s tail is primarily brown. Within his gorgeous feathers are crystal-like structural layers that reflect beautiful hues of blue, green, and turquoise. Yet with these reflected hues, he is resplendent. He can fly for a few meters, although he must lift and drag along an iridescent tail that is more than sixty percent of his body. The peahen has her own special attributes; including maneuverability, agility, and protective coloration. She can inspire females of our species to realize beauty isn’t everything, being the one with the ability to choose is also a super power.

Other birds, such as the Arctic Tern, fly tens of thousands of miles, while still others, sometimes beautiful, spiritual and inspiring cannot fly at all. All birds amaze. They are breathlessly fascinating, from Humming birds the size of bees to flightless birds like the Ostrich. Look for a bird today and you will find inspiration. Protect a bird today and you will feel heroic.

Butterflies migrate thousands of miles. Their offspring somehow make their way back from Mexico all the way to New England and Canada along an easterly and Midwest route. This is true although no single individual butterfly has been the full route before. Scientists study this pre-programmed, internal compass, and will no doubt discover advances that will change our lives and abilities in days to come. Imagine that your body weighs less than a dime, and your brain is smaller than a grain of rice. Still, Monarch butterflies can fly up to one hundred miles a day, something to inspire you to do just one more mile through the park.

You have many eco-systems thriving on and within your body. The Belly Button Biodiversity, search for example, found more than 2,000 types of bacteria living within what they call “the rain forests” of your umbilical region. And this is just one area of our anatomy. It is marvelous to think of the biodiversity within our bodies, and how almost every strain of bacteria is either harmonious, balancing or beneficial to life. Sometimes we share a less than desirable strain, but overall, the tiny things that compose us, are crucial to life itself.

Think of the biodiversity of microorganisms in your body as a piece of the larger whole. It helps to respect ourselves, knowing we are created of smaller living colonies, and we are fragments, ourselves, of something greater — Earth’s biosphere.

You have nearly 90 billion neurons, brain cells, in your cranium. These are actual living things, that are charged and run on electrochemical energy, just like all living beings on earth. When you share a hug, a kiss, or even just a kind word and smile, you increase the amount of oxytocin and other healthy neurotransmitters that fill you with pleasure. Although these can be produced by addiction, say to your phone, your beer or vodka, they can be experienced toxin and addiction free by learning to share, love, give and be, appreciated.

Don’t like the way the world is going? Or need to reduce negative mind-blistering stress?

Share Nature’s miracles of beauty and belonging. Utilize your human concern and caring. Talk to your enemies, and your friends. Be generous. Hug those from whom you need cooperation. Write and speak truth respectfully to those in power and don’t drive the cortisol overflow of fear through your ever-chugging synapses.

This is what we have evolved to do within these complex and whirling systems, we call US.

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