You are your project!

Your life is your project — is it time to renovate?

Sometimes it’s easy to drift from day to day letting life take us wherever it does. Happy or sad times. Job satisfaction or job loss. Easy relationships or too much alone time. It’s only when we reach a benchmark or trauma do we step back to look at who and where we are.

This is the time we decide to stop drifting, to take the pattern we’ve made and keep going the same way or renovate and make change?

This might help you decide: 
365 x 80 = 29,200 (the amount of days you live from birth to 80 years old)
minus (how many years) ? x 365 you have used already
take that number away from 29,200 and see how many you have left.

Shocked? Many people are. When I give this procedure to my NLP and hypnosis students, they become turbo charged and immediately want to start re-designing their life like a new project. Before they do that I ask them to find out who they are NOW, before they can plan what and who they want to become. As with any project, before you improve it, you have to know what you’re dealing with now, so that you can choose to keep or discard the pieces that won’t benefit the new life plan or project.

Take some time and work with this to give you the foundation to move forward purposefully in life

  • What are your life values?
  • Are you living your values? If not where’s the miss-match
  • Are you a person who needs people, or time alone?
  • Are you a move towards or move away from person ?(become fitter or eat less junk food. Be on time, or stop being late)
  • Do you often feel pressured to say ‘yes’ and regret it?
  • Are you open to new experiences (adventurous) or more cautious?

Now you have that information — what to do with it?

Become your own Project Manager

Think about the type of person you want to become. What do you want people to say about you when you’re no longer living? What type of person do you want to be proud of being. Looking at your future as a project to be planned and achieved let’s break it down into five areas of life, and using what you’ve discovered about your current self, let’s build on that and turn your life into a project to be proud of.

What can you commit to doing and being in these areas of your life? Give at least one example in each area.

Personal emotions: (do you need help to deal with grief or self esteem? Can you choose to be grateful each day? etc)

Career/work: (is what you’re doing gratifying, are you learning on the job? is there an opportunity for growth? If not, next steps?)

Health: (are you eating well, moving the body in a way that’s beneficial?)

Relationships: (are they healthy? Do you want to meet someone special? How can you move forward into healthy vibrant relationships in your life?)

Personal time: (What can you do to create peace and space in your life? Meditate? Self Hypnosis? Spiritual or religious connection?)

YOU are your project manager

As a Project Manager you’ll need to make a plan for this new project.

The contract. All projects need a contract with the contractor — and you’re the contractor for your life renovation. You’ll need to write and sign a contract to yourself as a commitment for life ownership. Sign it and date it, and put it somewhere you’ll see regularly.

Project Plan. All projects have a time plan, an overall deadline for completion and steps along the way. Some people find it easier to program change into their calendar — either on line or on a wall calendar . How you do this is up to you.

Budget. As with any project, you’ll need a budget. If your plan is to go to school part or full time for additional training, or to join a gym, yoga or martial arts classes, or to travel alone or with others, you’ll need a budget and the way to build it into your regular savings plan.

Celebration!. Plan for a one and five year celebration event. Whether it be a trip, a huge party or whatever makes you feel good, to celebrate you. The new you. Choosing to be, and proud to be who you are and how you are living this lifetime. Each day, having a purpose. Even choosing to do nothing, is choosing how to live your life. The project of your life.

Until soon ~~~

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